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Creators of "Pen15" discuss the "witch" episode in Season 2

Director Sam Zvibleman and Anna Konkle joins a podcast to discuss the "Vendy Wiccany" episode of Season 2 of Pen15

Sam Zvibleman: "Things kept happening with that episode, while we were shooting, that were mystical and magical. There's that scene in the green house, where they're doing the spells, and all the sudden, we call action, and there's this orange sky comes over and wind is blowing like mad. As they're getting into it - casting these spells, the energy from outside is picking up, and I look over to Andy (camera operator) and sort-of looks at me, and I said, "GO AHEAD" and he starts shaking the camera.

"Being in the woods, the way that the sun would come through the trees. Everything kept working in that episode as almost as there was some spell of magic going on."

The second part of Season 2 was halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic

Anna Konkle: "We have a couple of weeks left (of filming) and that will be at the end of the summer (of 2021). And then we'll be in post-production for a few months. We'll get it out as soon as we can.


Anyone dabble in witchcraft as a teen?



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