crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

It's official! It's been 25 years of the Spice Girls! ZIG A ZIG AHHHHHHHH!

These 5 women broke barriers, broke records and SPICED UP THE LIVES of millions! The Spice Girls celebrate 25 years where they revolutionized the pop genre and instilled GIRL POWER! The women commemorate this milestone by shitting out a cash grab of their debut single "Wannabe". The Spice Girls endured so much criticism, sexism and fought music execs who said a girl band would never succeed but they said fuck that & fuck you and took over the globe, truly making it a SPICE WORLD. Sadly, two years later Geri Halliwell and her selfish ass left the band to embark on a lackluster solo career. This was the beginning of the end because the girls were over worked, exhausted and Melanie C battled depression/resentment for being Sporty Spice. The girls embarked on a major tour in 2019 which proved to be a major success raking in $80 million for 13 dates.

Tags: anniversary / birthday, spice girls

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