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ONTD Original-Ranking Kelly Clarkson's Singles

You never forget your first. Kelly Clarkson captured your heart when she won season 1 of American Idol and thirty five years later she's still on your tv, chatting with you on the Kelly Clarkson show. She has released roughly 43 singles (I say roughly because who can never be sure) and it's time to rank them. Also some of my words might be harsh but make no mistake that I am a Kelly Clarkson Stan since day 1.

Disqualified-personally I love "My Life Would Suck Without You" but Kelly has mentioned many times how she didn't want that song on her album and trash man Clive Davis forced her to work with Dr. Luke on the song. She's worked with Dr. Luke on other songs but since she has been so vocal about this song I am taking it out of the ranking.

42-Don't Rush-Do y'all remember the episode of South Park where Stan's grandpa put on a song and was like "this is what being old feels like?" That's this song, it's horrible elevator music.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
41-I Dare You-Faux inspirational trash, I hate that this is the latest non Christmas single from her.

40-Invincible-It's fine for what it is, which is a third rate Sia song.

39-Broke and Beautiful-Low key this song slaps, but nobody is checking for Ugly Dolls.

38-Low-Meh there were stronger single choices from Thankful. Weird choice imo.

37-Heartbeat Song-Too cheesy for me. But honestly I still like this song lol, even bad Kelly is still good. Love that there are gays in the video.

36-Tie It Up-Catchy enough, but I'm not really here for barnyard Kelly. It's also way too straight for me.

35-Cry-I don't dislike this song, but a very forgettable single choice. Although it did get a cover on Glee, oddly.

34-Because of You with Reba-If you're into this that's coo but I don't care for this country cover of an excellent pop song.

33-Before Your Love-I actually like this song lol, it's very dated and cheesy but I think it's a beautiful pop ballad!

32-Don't Waste Your Time-I think this is a gorgeous little pop-rock song and I like the fairy tale-lite video, but I bet even some of her fans don't realize this was a single lol.

31-One Minute-I like this song but it really went nowhere as a single. It was featured on the hills lol?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

30-Dark Side-I like song and thought it could have been a bigger hit. It also deserved a better video, this video sucked and they did really obvious digitial slimming on her. Lame.

29-I'll Be Home for Christmas-I love her christmas music, but this isn't the strongest off of Wrapped In Red imo.

28-Never Again-I loved this song when it came out but I still have sore memories of being a stan and having her go from being a huge pop star with Breakaway to all the weird backlash she got for my December.

27-Sober-Honeslty I'm ranking this song higher than my personal taste because it's such a fan favorite lol.

26-Already Gone-Tainted by the Halo controvery, still a gorgeous song.

25-People Like Us-I guess this was poor judgment on my end because I thought this song was going to be a huge smash! But nope lol. Maybe it was the mistake of trying to chase a hit song.

24-Catch My Breath-Gorgeous little mid tempo.

23-All I want For Christmas Is you-No, not the Mariah song. Kind of an odd choice but a gorgeous Christmas song!

22-Christmas Eve-A great original Christmas song from Kelly. I really think Kelly excels at Christmas music and I need the full length sequel to Wrapped In Red already!

21-I Do Not Hook Up-It may have been a Katy Perry sloppy seconds, but fun song! It's also a fun video.

20-Under The Mistetoe-Cute little boppy Christmas song! I love it!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
19-Heat-How this didn't get a burger king commercial, I'll never know.

18-Piece by Piece-Don't listen to this song if you have daddy issues. I prefer the original slick production over the much more popular bare bones piano version.

17-I Don't Think About You-I think the singles from this album were mismanaged, but a quality song nonetheless.

16-Mr Know It All-You tell those men off, Kelly.

15-Meaning of Life-Take us home Kelly. I also love the actress they cast as youg Kelly, it was a good fit.

14-Love So Soft-Underated single.

13-All I Ever Wanted-Kind of a random song to be ranked so highly, but I think this is such a fun song! Also the bridge reminds me of a spice girls song, please don't question me.

12-Miss Independent-A fun early Kelly throwback. This song made me feel so cool in middle school lol.

11-The Trouble With Love-Such a good pop song. I love when they use it in Love, Actually! This should have been a big fall hit.

10-Breakaway-I feel like people forget about this song (cause she's such a slut) but it's still so good! Da da da da da!

9-Because Of You-Just so good. The video is so sad too lol

8-Walk Away-Weirdly I HATED this song when it was just on the album. But once it was released as a single and became a hit I guess a flip switched and I started to love it. This song and music video also just rips me straight back to high school.

7-Wrapped In Red-Her christmas album (also titled Wrapped in Red) is the best modern christlas album IMO and this is a great single off of it. It's also inspired by Love Actually.

6-Don't You Wanna Stay-I'm not a big country fan and I also prefer Kelly solo over duets. But this song is ranking so high because I think it's absolutely gorgeous. On paper I hate it, but the actual song I love.

5-A Moment Like This-Kelly hates this song but I'm ranking it so high because it was just the perfect manufactured pop song for her to have after winning american idol. A classic!

4-Stronger-Alright it may lean a wee bit cheesy but nobody does a girl power anthem like Kelly.

3-Behind These Hazel Eyes-Elevated by her best music video, this is one of her classic hits.

2-Underneath The Tree-Glittery christmas pop perfection. This was a hit in it's own right, but I will go to my watery grave saying that this should be just as big of a hit as Maria's All I Want For Christmas Is You.

1-Since U Been Gone. Did you think I was going to be interesting and argue some b-track single as her best work?? Nah, Since U Been Gone is her signature song and for good reason. Pink couldn't, Hilary couldn't, this song belongs to Kelly. Sing it loud while driving soon and feel alive again!

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What is YOUR favorite Kelly Clarkson song, ONTD? 
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