beysactingcoach (beysactingcoach) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

ONTD Movie Watch Party: Oxygen (on US Netflix)

Let's hope the French can put on a redemption arc of the terrible movies we've done seent. Tonight, we're going to watch Oxygen on Netflix.

Synopsis: "No escape, no memory, 90 minutes to live. Liz is running out of oxygen and time, in order to survive she must find a way to remember who she is."

Genres: Psychological Thriller, Existential, Hella French

We will be starting the moving around 9:05 PM ET and we'll be using the Chrome extension Teleparty. Unfortunately, Teleparty can only be used on desktops and laptops to chat. Here's some instructions on how to install Teleparty.

As always, feel free to make some suggestions for our next watch party films.

Trailer Teleparty Instructions

At 9:00 PM ET, click HERE to join the par-taaaaaaaaaay!
Tags: film - drama, french celebrities, netflix

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