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Chris Rock’s Set Policy: ‘I’ve Fired People Because They Couldn’t Listen to a Woman’

During an interview with Variety, Chris Rock told Nicole Kidman that he has fired people off his sets in the past for showing a refusal to listen to women. This conversation came up while they're talking about Lucille Ball (Nicole's upcoming role)

When Kidman said “it is still tricky” in Hollywood for women to navigate positions of power, Rock added, “It is still. I’ve fired people because they couldn’t listen to a woman. I was like, ‘How come he’s not doing …?’ And then I realize, ‘Oh.'”

He said that because he has a good relationship with his mother he’s never had an issue listening to women in a work setting. He added, “When I was starting out as a comedian, you know, Joy Behar and Susie Essman took me under their wing. I just always was around these powerful women. I mean, even in comedy, the clubs were run by women.”

Rock added, “Everybody talks about how stand-up is a boys’ club, but stand-up’s been run by a lot of women for a lot of years. Even right now, it’s Estee [Adoram] at the Comedy Cellar in New York. Lots of powerful women that called the shots.”


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