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The UEFA Euro 2020 Tournament Begins Tomorrow!

Staring tomorrow, there will be 24 teams, 51 games across 12 cities, lasting for one month! OP will try to make post for the matches, not one for EVERY match (lazy American), but will schedule some for the daily matches so they can be discussed. The tournament was supposed to take place last summer, but then all hell broke loose so it is happening this year, so it is still called the 2020 Euro. To learn more about this year's tournament and the qualifying teams, click here.

Our first match of the tournament is Group A Turkey 🇹🇷 vs Italy 🇮🇹 in Rome. Kickoff time is 3:00 PM ET (US Eastern)/ 21:00 CET (Central European)

You can also choose your fantasy team!

In other news, the Premiere League teams that tried to make their own Super League and jump ship for even more money? Welp, theys getting fined!


Sources 1 2 Wiki UEFA Qualifying Process

Who you wanna win?
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Deleted comment

I just picked Belgium in a pool so I'm gonna need them to come through so I don't lose any money tbh!
i'm not rooting for anyone i'm rooting for good games!
This is my priority too, especially because I sat out the last World Cup (and the German team followed my leadXDDDD) and will do the same with the next so this Euro Cup better bring it.
Rooting for the underdogs, always.
Portugal, caralhoooo
I'm going to be on a shoot tomorrow and will miss my azzuri :( But I will keep up to date on the score on my phone lol.
ohh I forgot this was happening! happy to have games to look forward to. bless you op!
I can't wait! I feel like the 2018 WC summer was the last time I was truly happy. The atmosphere in London at the time was just euphoric.

That said, I think England will crash and burn if we get out of the group stage because it's likely we'll face Germany or France in the top 16 🙃
Going by the last WC I wouldn't count on the German teamXD
*quietly changes my Euro fantasy team*


1 month ago

i totally forgot about this lmao! but i'm glad cause i was getting sad that the french open was ending this weekend. cheering for france naturellement!
haven't followed soccer in years but i'll still be watching. the folks across the street put up an italian flag on their balcony already. the neighbourhood's going to be busting if italy does well.
I'm so mad I won't be back in Germany in time for this. I know it's not going to be the same as it was in 2014 and 2016 but still.
Well, I've been rooting for Germany since 2006, so I guess them. Don't recognize anyone anymore tho ;___;

Snowball's chance in hell but if Ukraine won I think my family and I'd lose our minds.
Not even Neuer?
Eyy well there's him at least.

Oh hey, actually looking at the lineup and there's a few old faces!
anyone but france or italy.
Chunk of Russian team plays on Zenit FC, so will be cheering for them. And the new stadium in St Petersburg is supposed to be nice.


June 11 2021, 05:10:47 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  June 11 2021, 05:15:00 UTC

I’m German but I don’t expect us to last past the groups.

I’m not really feeling the football spirit~ yet due to covid and everything. If against all odds we do super well maybe I will.

My perception of the German team is purely based on feeling and the last World Cup. I don’t watch football outside of the European and World Cup. I’m far from an expert.
I'd laugh so hard if we end up like at the WC and don't get past the group stageXD

No clue what to expect from the team this year, I'll just root for everyone bringing their best so I can watch some good matches.
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