Lemmons (evillemmons) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Younger tv show ended in the worst possible way

So to sum it up so you don't have to watch it at all:

-Charles and Liza get back together only to break up again two minutes later because Liza was okay to lie to Charles about submitting his book to publishers and wouldn't have told him about it if he didn't get it even though they agreed to be completely honest with each other in that same episode. (so none of the previous development mattered)
-Charles suddenly goes back to his old personality (before season 7 where he became a little bitch and ooc) right after break up with Liza and he decides to be a writer and hands the company over to Liza
-Maggie ends up with some woman whose wife she screwed and who tried to cancel her on social media
-Lauren is annoying as always
-Liza ends up in the bar she was at in episode 1 in season 1 and finds the glorified extra Josh there who is like 'Oh I've always been there' (that's so funny he said that like he needed to remind us he's still a character since he had no story at all and he probably lived at that bar.).
-Kelsey leaves Empirical to start her own publishing company or something, she's single af after yet another failed relationship.
-Diana wasn't in this season and she's the only one that got a decent ending and managed to save herself before this ship sank.
-Darren Starr wants to have a movie made out of the show and I hope he doesn't get his wish.
-All in all, don't watch this season if you haven't already, it's a mess, nothing made sense and it ended like How I Met Your Mother.
-My heart goes out to the talented cast that deserved so much better than what they got. Hope you enjoy those paychecks and your next gig is better written.

Tags: hilary duff, mariska hargitay, younger (tv land)

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