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Taylour Paige: James Franco Zola movie was "very sexist and racist"

Taylour Paige is interviewed by former costar Jonathan Majors for Interview magazine. Through the very good conversation, she talks about the original script of Zola, based on the popular Twitter thread. James Franco had original rights to the story, and was to be written and directed by white men.

"It was originally just two white men trying to have a black voice. The writing felt very sexist and racist. It didn’t jive with the tweets that I read. The voice didn’t match what I saw her write."

When she found out the story was getting a new director and different writers, she jumped back in. Director Janizca Bravo previously recalled getting a text from Jodie Turner-Smith, who overheard Franco saying he was dropping out,and ran to claim the project she got outbid for.

She also discussed her connection with Zola costar and now good friend Riley Keough:

"With Riley and I, it was interesting, because we went to lunch and it was just instant. We both have this thing where we feel like we haven’t quite surrendered to being in the bodies that we’re in. We feel so much bigger than our limited bodies. I’ve never really had someone articulate that before. That translated into chemistry."

Read the full interview at the source.

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