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Taylour Paige: James Franco Zola movie was "very sexist and racist"

Taylour Paige is interviewed by former costar Jonathan Majors for Interview magazine. Through the very good conversation, she talks about the original script of Zola, based on the popular Twitter thread. James Franco had original rights to the story, and was to be written and directed by white men.

"It was originally just two white men trying to have a black voice. The writing felt very sexist and racist. It didn’t jive with the tweets that I read. The voice didn’t match what I saw her write."

When she found out the story was getting a new director and different writers, she jumped back in. Director Janizca Bravo previously recalled getting a text from Jodie Turner-Smith, who overheard Franco saying he was dropping out,and ran to claim the project she got outbid for.

She also discussed her connection with Zola costar and now good friend Riley Keough:

"With Riley and I, it was interesting, because we went to lunch and it was just instant. We both have this thing where we feel like we haven’t quite surrendered to being in the bodies that we’re in. We feel so much bigger than our limited bodies. I’ve never really had someone articulate that before. That translated into chemistry."

Read the full interview at the source.

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Tags: black celebrities, film - drama, interview, james / dave franco, photo shoot, race / racism

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taylour is so fine
Lol at Jodie Turner-Smith eavesdropping and gossiping on James fucking Franco. I love this detail so much.
That’s the best part
Between this and her correction of Joshua Jackson's tweet the other day, she seems like a really fun person.
she said:
kims face looks like a mask here


5 months ago

she came thru tho!
Celebrities really are just like us!
I came in here just to say good on her lol
i previously had no opinion on her other than she's beautiful and has a cute baby but this makes me kind of love her lol
Well thats good!

I've been looking forward to this even the last trailer had me a bit off but we'll see!! There was an article yesterday about Zola herself yesterday so I need to read that.
Omg!! That’s such a relief. Yasss KWEENS. Can’t wait to check this out in theaters. This + The Green Knight <3
loving the Jodie detail LMAO!

I still feel very iffy about this whole tale TBQH - retelling something traumatic that happened to someone else in a joking manner and then the girl involved being found on facebook? not nice!
Yeah, I felt really weird reading about this movie before it was made, because everybody seemed to think it was the funniest thing ever, when the supposedly funny story seemed to be an actually abusive situation.
Yeah. That story is extremely wild and I feel like everyone did wrong in that situation, either during it or in the aftermath telling it.
yeah I found the whole thing kinda disturbing. I was questioning whether I was being too sensitive.
yeah the trailer seems to be setting up Riley Keough's character as insufferable but I hope that doesn't mean it tries to justify the terrible shit that happens to her or turns it into a big joke like the original story did
Yeah IA, her style was funny but its whole approach to sex work (and the violence that can often come with it) was ... worrying. But everything I've heard about the movie so far seems promising IMO
Damn, she fine.

Also lmfao @ the Jodie detail.
The writing felt very sexist and racist.

No shock there tbh. And speaking of sexism/racism, [Brazilian news, TW for violence]a pregnant black woman was killed two days ago during a police raid & the fashion store where she used to work released a fucking coupon for customers to use, saying the comission from the sales would be directed to the girl's family. I'm honestly so fucking livid I literally want to burn that fucking store down.
it's bad enough when lives become hashtags, but to become an DISCOUNT CODE?! i can't even comprehend that level of detachment and callousness.
how awful and gross
I didn't realize this movie had already come out. I know what I'm watching tonight.
Good on Jodie for not keeping that news to herself and doing her GF a solid.
Ok but this is still a movie about human trafficking basically so no thanks.


June 10 2021, 21:17:09 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 23:43:09 UTC

riley is one of my favorite white women and her and taylour kill me on instagram.

their friendship is so sweet and hearing how taylour describes it warms my heart.


June 10 2021, 21:37:54 UTC 5 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 21:38:17 UTC

The entire thread was a hot ass 💩y mess but it should be required essential readings for young people as a lesson on how NOT to live your lives.
This movie is going to be amazing. Is this what boomers feel like when they watch movies about the Kennedy Assassination?
Not surprised it was a mess, his book Palo Alto was similarly awful

They’re doing a big press push now and it had me thinking it was coming this week, but it’s not until the 30th(!)
the thread was disturbing but told in a really well, dark-humorous way. the only reason i'm interested in seeing this movie is that a'ziah wells was consulted throughout the process - and i'm so very glad this alt-universe james franco version doesn't exist.

"where bodak yellow and blue velvet meet" sounds like an interesting result:
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