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Jameela Jamil Inserts Herself into the ...Marvel Cinematic Universe??

- Jameela Jamil is reportedly joining the MCU.
- She's rumoured to play Titania in the upcoming 'She-Hulk' TV series. The casting went underway under the code name “Lucy.” She was described as a Kardashian-esque social media influencer with a dark side.
- Jameela was a series regular on 'The Good Place' and also had a part time job as a teacher in ONTD University.


RIP MCU... M See Ya
Tags: jameela jamil, marvel, the avengers

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if I knew how to make gifs or memes I’d take one of Dean Pelton from the Christmas episode saying “Oh Britta’s in this?” and change it to “Oh Jameela’s in this?” bc that’s how I feel whenever I see her name in casting announcements
Nope. I have such an extreme distaste of her and her phony activism and how she inserts herself into every single marginalized space she even thinks she has a shot at, not as an ally but an authority that she can kick rocks. I won’t watch her in a hemorrhoid commercial.

She’s not the only one I have reached this point with she’s just the one the post is about.
Ugh. Just have Tatiana play the villain, with her talent, we could probably go the whole series without realizing she did both characters.
Bless you OP for the ONTD Uni shoutout!
in the latin america dub of the 90s xmen Rogue was called TITANIA so i am surprise there is actually a marvel character called titania, and that her powers are also superhuman strength
Exacto. Pense que iba a ser la nueva Rogue y dije OHHH HELLL NOOO!!!
For real! I was confused for a second and a bit pressed cuz I loved Titania but I don’t know who this Titani is so I’m opened for her interpretation
oh that's interesting, rogue was "vampira" in the portuguese dub. i wonder why they made the spanish & portuguese so different.
All these years of begging for female South Asian rep in Western media to end up with..... HER

this murphy guy is starting to get legit now. interesting.
~Illuminerdi~ 👁 👁
This one is a repost of hom from The Illuminerdi but Charles exclusives scoops are pretty spot on.
Is she still gonna have those bangs?
You already know the answer
only came into the post to ask this question, lol
Its going to be like zoey from new girl where it is hard to recognise her without them.
first thing I thought of. Hope Marvel can make her get rid of the ridiculous bangs.
Hang on....so Anais Almonte isn't playing Titania legitimately?
Oh. So she's playing herself again based on that description?
Damn guess not even Thanos was enough to defeat her
Not even clapping he could snap away that huge ego out of existing.
Is this her PR team trying to get her cast or legit? Either way, it's gonna be funny to see her navigate the Marvel fans lol and when they keep asking her an input on all the other actors, it's gonna be hilarious 😂
I would def watch this bc I can’t imagine it at all lol. I mean Tahani obviously but still....the fighting etc....I’d be interested to see it
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