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How Queer Characters Have Evolved In Children's Animation | Movies Insider

In 2018, Rebecca Sugar's "Steven Universe" featured both the first LGBTQ wedding and the first LGBTQ marriage proposal in a kids' animated TV show. And in 2020, Benson from "Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts" was the first kids' animated character to directly identify themselves as gay. These are groundbreaking achievements in LGBTQ representation, but it took a long time and a lot of hard work to get here. Here's a look back at how LGBTQ characters in kids' shows evolved from Hays Code-era stereotypes and queer-coded villains.


Tags: lgbtq film / media, television

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Also I'm really surprised there's no Owl House mention.

Honestly think this scene might have been my sexual awakening as a child, which explains...a lot
my coworker is doing a boudoir drag thing as HIM.
you can't convince me that the kim possible showrunners didn't know what they were doing when they had kim and shego mud wrestle lmfao. and then they had shego end up with mfing drakken... the BETRAYAL 😤
I wish I had grown up with gay cartoon representation
same. if i had gay cartoons and lil nas x on my tv, i feel like my adolescent sexuality crisis wouldn't have been as bad
same :')

Deleted comment

i'm glad haruka&michiru were allowed to be lesbians on the german dub, and rose of versailles was my "gender isn't that straightforward and girls can fall for girls" staple as wee bb. def shaped me.
One of the sisters in Loud House is bi, makes me soft as FUCK.
I had a flashback of being 5 y/o and at my cousin's house and watching Mazinger z with her and her parents and asking them how it could be possible to be someone like the Baron Asher. They just gave me a little smile and told me it was totally possible. That didn't explained why they have a headless count also, but it was a strange anime. Female robot with misiles as breast?!?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Adventure Time walked so Steven Universe could run so She-Ra could leap. I think my 10 yr old might be gay so I'm ecstatic to have this rep on tv. As a parent, it makes it so much easier to explain things when they're already getting it from the world around them.

Deleted comment

This is super interesting. Though I'm not sure why Scar keeps popping up as a queer-coded villain. I get Gaston, Ursula, etc. But Scar? He's just British. If he's queer-coded, can't Zazu be too?
i could see scar being thrown in bc he's one of the villains who were primarily done by andreas deja, an openly gay animator, who often instilled his villains w a bit of camp or melodrama, aka scar, gaston, jafar.

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