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Jaboukie Young-White, Issa Rae Team for ‘Gang’s All Queer’ Series at HBO

Jaboukie Young-White (Italian Tweet Deleter Extraordinaire) is set to develop the show “The Gang’s All Queer: The Lives of Gay Gang Members” by Vanessa R. Panfil at HBO with Issa Rae (Insecure) attached as an executive producer.

In the half-hour series, a closeted twenty-something in Chicago, grieving a gang-related death, ditches college to find reckless closure.


Tags: black celebrities, celebrity social media, issa rae, lgbtq film / media, warner bros

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I love Giabuchi but can he act? anyway, many other "actors" can't act and they're famous, at least he's funny and deserves it :)
He isn't listed as acting? He he creating it! He might want to act, I don't know
I think he's got great comedic timing and acting chops! He guest starred in Nora From Queens, was on the Daily Show, and various other things
Jaboukie kind of disappeared from twitter so Im glad it is bc hes been booked and busy! Love these two.
Jaboukie is so fine! He's one of the exceptions to my 'younger guys' rule lol

I'm glad he's booked and busy
Aight y’all, peace out ✌🏾

i love this because i love jabboukie and also this seems like it is going to film in chicago so fingers crossed some of my actor friends can get some work lmao
king of italians!
My Italian King!!!!
i love my italian king giabuchi!!!!

excited for this
I was gonna make an Italian joke too but I noticed I would be the fourth one in a row.
Itt what’s your fave giabuchi bit

I like that he always pays credit to the rightful songwriter of Same Ol Mistakes by Tame Impala, Robyn Rihanna Fenty


June 10 2021, 21:11:36 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 21:15:36 UTC

Idk if this counts as a bit per se, but it's ~iconic
I think he lost his checkmark after that, absolutely worth it imo


4 months ago

Can someone explain Italian Tweet Deleter Extraordinaire?
Someone has made an entire account screencapping his tweets because, while funny, he often deletes them pretty quickly.
He deletes his tweets a lot bc theyre suuuuuper messy (but also really funny). Imho hes the only one doing real edgy comedy.
it's like coming in a room and having no idea what anyone is talking about. who the fuck
Which reminds me where’s Kid Fury’s show? :(
i wondered the same thing. knowing it was lena who he was working with, doesn’t bode well. it’s been like 3 years since that was announced too (or it was 2 months ago and time is nothing).
Pretty sure it went nowhere. He's a writer on Issa's new show Rap Shit, tho.
How busy is Issa my God does this woman ever not work??
she had an article in Variety(?) that said she had something like 27 projects in the pipeline
Issa if you’re an ONTD member, give me a chance! 🥺
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