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Robert Pattinson In Talks To Play Nosferatu In Remake Of Classic Silent Film


Anya Taylor-Joy has been attached to Nosferatu for the last several years. The director is Robert Eggers

A trusted source tells GFR.com that Pattinson is in talks to play Nosferatu, also known as Dracula, for a remake of the 1922 Nosferatu film.

Nosferatu’s obsessed with the main character and resorts to great acts of violence to try and sway her to submit to him.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall, so Pattinson must make a decision soon.


Do you want to see Pattinson play a vampire again, ONTD?
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So he finally gets to play Edward how he wanted to play him, a creepy stalker.

Good for him.
I need him to do a nod to Twilight like throwing out an apple core or diamonds or some shit. He won't but I want it lol


June 10 2021, 19:04:01 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:04:20 UTC

He's got the looks for it.

I’d pay to go see that so they come up with some ridiculous sequels somehow and he’s forced to keep doing it descending into hatred slowly doubting reality

Deleted comment

I hope it's still a silent film tbh. I want to see him pull some faces.
He'd probably be down for a silent film too. This site isn't reliable and it's possible they got this story confused. Eggers offered this role to Pattinson and he turned it down years ago. That's why Eggers wrote The Lighthouse for him, he didn't want to do a remake, he wanted to do something original.

They do want to work together again, though.
After seeing him in The Lighthouse I'm totally here for it.
Wonder how Rob manages to violently masturbate in this film.
I love the original nosferatu. Also love shadow of the vampire, the fictionalized movie about the making of it. I think you could do a good remake or reimagining of it. I wouldn’t be interested if they try to pretty nosferatu up or make him like a romantic character.
I love Shadow of the Vampire. I used to torment my friend by rubbing my fingernails together like Willem Dafoe because he freaked her out so much.
rob feels like the only person who can match the creep addict vibes klaus kinski gave off in herzog's version.
The jokes write themselves
hmmm... I can't see it. i'm a Nosferatu stan lol. the 1979 Werner Herzog version is like my all time favorite horror movie. it is sooooo dreamy and haunting. Klaus Kinski was the vampire in that one. and Isabelle Adjani is the ultimate goth horror babe.

i also love the original silent film, and Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Dafoe! so good. i would honestly be excited for Eggers to make his own version, since i absolutely love his first 2 films, but Pattinson is just too pretty! i'm not convinced he'd be scary even with prosthetics.

I was about to say?? A remake has already been done and it was perfect?
Yussssssss so good!!!

I wanted (and still do) to look like Isabelle Adjani sooo badly.

Everything about this ~fillum~ is *chef's kiss* perfection
Flawless taste, sis!
Isabelle Adjani is so gorgeous. I like DDL but curses on him forever.
Yessss Isabelle is everything in this movie!
Isabelle Adjani >>>>>
You’ll still always be Edward before anything else sorry Rob lmao
Please no. As much as he does interesting films, his general persona is so off-putting that I find it difficult to take him seriously.

The only Nosferatu 'remake' that matters anyway:

i have a beautiful giant nosferatu poster framed lmao i love this fucking movie so much

i would be really curious to see it but idk
A remake was already done, and it was perfection.
Finally, yes! Give it to me!
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