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Robert Pattinson In Talks To Play Nosferatu In Remake Of Classic Silent Film


Anya Taylor-Joy has been attached to Nosferatu for the last several years. The director is Robert Eggers

A trusted source tells GFR.com that Pattinson is in talks to play Nosferatu, also known as Dracula, for a remake of the 1922 Nosferatu film.

Nosferatu’s obsessed with the main character and resorts to great acts of violence to try and sway her to submit to him.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall, so Pattinson must make a decision soon.


Do you want to see Pattinson play a vampire again, ONTD?
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I know Eggers wanted him for the role a while back, but he said no and that’s how it came around to him doing The Lighthouse with Eggers.

Not sure if they’re getting this old info confused or if he’s decided to do it after saying no before or what.
I’m here for it and can’t wait for the press tour with him and Robert Eggers

I’m just over Anya tho
nnn this part was made for nicole kidman you raggedy bitch
jsyk, I read all of your comments like your icon is saying them and it makes everything 100% funnier!

The film history nerd in me is mad, but at the same time, I know the story has been done a million times before.
If Eggers is directing him again, I'm so down. All of Robert's best roles are his ~charactor actor roles.
All I just have to do rn is… throwin my head back cackling like a possessed witch
That picture is the first time I've found him to be... Moderately attractive?
IA. I want to know what the still is from
It's from a film called "Life," co-starring Dane DeHaan as James Dean. Pattinson played the photographer who took the pics of Dean used in LIFE magazine.
DO IT and have Dafoe play his creator or whatever

YES!!! Give me any throwback to Shadow of the Vampire!

I love this idea!
Too bad Giuliani doesn't have any acting chops. He'd be perfect for the role.

You know, at first I thought "no" but after seeing him in The Lighthouse and that crazy movie with The Puppet Tim Tam where he played the King with the crazy accent and I'm kinda down for it. He has the chops, and I'm sure Eggers will make the film his own. I like the thought of different interpetations of the source material, each one good in its own way.
I fucking love The Lighthouse. Eggers is so good at the slow burn creepy movies.
He was the best part in The King, it's the only reason I stuck around to watch the entire film.
I actually think this could really work.
Better break out the glitter and Swarovsky crystals again
i'm honestly trying to think of who i would fancast for this and coming up blank. i feel like actors under 40 are really lacking in the creepy and weird types. who do we have other than Bill Skarsgard? i'm thinking Willem Dafoe, Malcolm McDowell, Danny Trejo, Jackie Earle Haley, Christopher Walken, John Malkovich kinda types. or if you wanna go more classic, Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price. we have nobody with that kinda presence... am i forgetting someone?
not for this, but younger creepy + weird types: Dane Dehaan, Barry Keoghan, Caleb Landry Jones
A vampire again? Oh, yes.
Do the Cabinet of Dr Caligari instead, cowards!
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