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Much Music is 'coming back' (but only to TikTok); Ed the Sock predicts it will flop

-Much Music (aka MTV for Canada before MTV Canada existed) has a new logo and has partnered with TikTok to launch again on July 7th
-Video on Trial, Intimate and Interactive, and Much Music Spotlight will be the 3 shows on there
-VJs will be introduced soon
-They hope to attract "younger millennials" and Gen Z

Former VJ Ed the Sock, says no one will care:

The Much Music website was killed off in 2020 and they were playing MTV reruns and Married With Children all day.

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Tags: canadian celebrities, computers and technology, nostalgia, reboot / remake / revival, where are they now

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June 10 2021, 19:06:48 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:08:04 UTC

I haven't seen MTV in years, but do they really air that much Ridiculousness (and Married with Children of all shows)?

Also i remember downloading music videos in Kazaa/Ares/iMesh 20 years ago, and some had the MuchMusic logo lol.
Yes, they seem to. Also, endless hours of The Challenge. I can’t speak for MTV proper because we still don’t get it here!
Mtv in the US is like that too.


3 months ago


3 months ago


June 10 2021, 19:07:57 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:08:16 UTC

Video On Trial is gonna end after the first episode once the judges start getting threatened all over the place for criticizing anything about the videos featured. It's a cute idea, though.
Holy shit I didn’t realize Much had fallen so low. Why get rid of the website? So many memories of checking the Countdown on there. It was bad enough when they hired a bunch of youtubers but now TikTok?? Lol. Do they still do the mm awards?

Thanks for posting OP
They got rid of the website probably because they got rid of their studio, stopped producing original shows, and relied way too much on MTV content. Even though MTV Canada exists.

Yes they still did their awards before the pandemic but it scaled way down because it’s not 2005 any more and the kids of today didn’t care.

The people running their new venture also do Instagram stuff for TSN which is also owned by Bell. To me, the whole thing reeks of “Quibi was a flop and we didn’t fire you so here’s something else to do.”


June 10 2021, 19:10:41 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:11:33 UTC

MuchMusic was a staple for me in the 90s. I remember they did one of those 100 Best Videos of all Time countdowns and my best friend and I stayed on the phone the whole 8 hours watching it together.

I just remembered MuchMoreMusic was also a thing.
Ooh I loved Much More Music. That’s where all the VH1 shows popped up. I felt so mature watching it at ages 10-13 hahaha.
I loved those. And Video on Trial haha
I was wondering why Ed the Sock was trending.
it's nice that he took a break from defending Israel to tweet this lol
He was raising money to create a new MuchMusic type of outlet after Bell turned down his idea of reviving the brand as a music station.
RIP Much music and their iconic countdowns! Muchmoremusic and much more retro were pretty much my musical education.

(Speaking of vjs, forever bitter Tim won 🤘🏻)
Omg Much More Retro! I remember loving that and at the same time have no clue what it was. I liked their logo? Off to Google


June 10 2021, 19:23:28 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:31:05 UTC

My mom never let me watch Much but I'd do it anyway lol. She didn't approve of ~racy~ music videos. I'd watch anyway tho before she got home from work.

This is dumb.
MuchMusic was everything to me growing up.

I saw Craig David, Nelly Furtado, S Club 7 and John Mayer perform, almost hit Amy Winehouse with my car outside the studio and eventually ended up working in the building and worked one of the VJ search competitions and the MMVAs. I was even interviewed by Ed the Sock lol.

It was such an iconic part of Toronto life, I don't think they'll be able to recapture what it once was, especially on Tik Tok.


June 10 2021, 21:36:08 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 21:36:20 UTC

It was so iconic!
Rapcity connected me to some good Canadian hip hop back in the day. They used to actually play good selection of music across genres once upon a time, before becoming a weird reality TV show station and then ceasing to exist lol.
Remember when getting seen at the Much windows while they were taping was *the* thing??? LOL

I never got to work in the building, but went to a few tapings and the 9/11 special Much did back in the day. Met a few artists and chatted with Nam, Rainbow, Rick and George (who were all awesome and lovely).

Last time I was there for an upfront, we were placed on The Social set. Got so sad when I realized that it was the old Much environment.

I would LOVE to know whatever happened to Leah Miller. She completely disappeared. Yes she married Dallas Green but now what?! A true mystery. I wonder if she’ll resurface on Erica Ehm’s podcast. (If you’ve listened to it, tell me your thoughts!)
wondering what happened between her and hilary duff tbh
someone spill the beanssss
Was just about to write this 😂
they are still friendly! Hilary posted about her recently.


3 months ago


3 months ago

I go down a google spiral once every year or so trying to find ANYTHING on her! Hilary Duff’s elusive best friend. Always wonder what happened to her… and her face


3 months ago


June 10 2021, 19:45:12 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:45:28 UTC

She got a lot of plastic surgery the last I saw her
They're still married but yeah, idk what she really does. I know she's friends with Shantel VanSanten (who I think she must've met through his OTH guest appearance).
Omg yes!
much talks or nada
Not surprising since Tiktok gonna stick around for a while. I hate to admit it (again) that it’s the shit. Life changing for sure. Way better than IG… like… yeah 🤔


June 10 2021, 19:32:49 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:34:36 UTC

This is so depressing. I feel like if someone actually had the money to put into producing shows and putting videos back on the air it could actually be a success.

I mean, imagine modern day Intimate and Interactive episodes with artists like BTS, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish. It could be fucking huge.

Plus shows like Spotlight, The Wedge, Much East, Much West...there was so much good programming back in the day that exposed me to a ton of musicians I probably would never have heard of otherwise.

Bring this back:

I agree with all of this. I feel like they could make it work and make it seem cool.
Yesssss Live at Much always attracted some really big names!
Yeah, and it was so amazing cause I remember how Queen street would be closed off for the crowds. They'd have these huge names but managed to keep everything calm enough so that the artists weren't mobbed inside the building.
I agree, I loved Live @ Much


3 months ago

Yeah I don't get why this completely disappeared from pop culture ?
BET, MTV got rid of their live shows. I mean, I know they tried to bring back them back which was a fail but I'm sure the concept could be approached and executed better in a modern way


3 months ago

no one under 30 actually watches tv regularly like we did though, it's youtube or streaming, it would be a bad idea. digital is the only way forward if you want gen z.


3 months ago


3 months ago


3 months ago

OMG I remember this appearance. My class had gone on a trip to Wonderland that day, and I came home to that on the TV. Rick was basically the 6th Backstreet Boy. Life was good.
I keep replying to you, but another reason is money. Big name stars probably don't want to fly here. Erica Ehm said Much was flying her to Seattle to interview Kurt Cobain in a hotel room. I can't see that happening at all. No wonder they went so hardcore on CanCon/having Simple Plan perform at every MMVA.
No. Bring back The International Music Feed!
another imf fan? on my ontd?!?!
I was seriously upset when it went off the air! I loved it so much.


3 months ago

i used to love video on trial but it'll be interesting to see how it goes in this day and age lol
The Wedge on Much Music shaped so much of my musical tastes in my teen years - Arcade Fire, Death From Above 1979, Interpol, Feist, MIA, Metric, Sigur Ros, Stars, etc
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