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Variety's panel with Wandavision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki casts

- Pre-recorded a couple of weeks ago so before Loki came out.
- They've probably never all been together in this specific grouping before, but Sebastian, Lizzie and Anthony were last on set together during the Tony funeral scene in Endgame back in 2018ish.
- Paul jokes that they all live like The Monkees and growing their own food like kale (Lizzie is pro, Anthony is anti).
- Lizzie talks about the set atmosphere on WandaVision being intimidating to begin with (scoping down from movie to tv screen). Between movies, Lizzie would have to create inner arcs for Wanda so it was good to get it down on page and for her and Paul to lead their stories. Set was very respectful and punctual. Anthony was excited that Lizzie got to work with Kat Dennings.
- Anthony says he and Sebastian met in a hotel lobby in LA and they both realised something was up, but he didn't think it would be a TV show so he was initially disappointed and wasn't sure how it would translate on screen. Repeats what he's said before about being fearful of being the first failure of the MCU - "you're literally sending me and Sebastian out to pasture like two old cows".
- Anthony expands that the head writer and director being on board to accept it. He thought it might have been like the Adam West Batman series.
- Anthony says being part of Marvel is like summer camp so you get to see your friends all the time, and everyone has had life changes between movies.
- Tom Hiddleston hosted an impromptu Loki lecture on set for the Loki producers and director. All three shows were on the same lot and Anthony and Sebastian are super offended that they weren't invited because they heard about it. They claim it was a 6 hour Loki symposium, but Tom clarifies that it was probably only 2 hours. He didn't have a laser pointer but he did have a whiteboard.
- Tom says in 2018 before Infinity War came out, Kevin Feige told him about Disney+ and how Loki was in the mix to be spun off so he knew he would be coming back after Loki's death.
- Tom Hiddleston tells really long storiesssssss and Anthony keeps interrupting.
- Paul doesn't think he could hold even a 30 minute talk about Vision. Tom asks if he could hold a 2 hour talk on the Ship of Theseus (answer: "No. I just do what I always do; read the lines and hope for the best!"). Paul says he was playing off of his stunt double and said he was better lmao. He said he's sometimes seen a stand-in give him ideas of how to play a line too.

How do they keep spoilers to themselves?
- Tom kept his Infinity War death a secret since before Thor: Ragnarok. The Russos told him roughly 2.5 years before IW came out.
- Lizzie tells everyone in her personal life but no-one in the press. Anthony is amazed she trusts people in her personal life.
- Sebastian is always worried about spoilers getting out. He called Anthony before the panel to ask him if he was going to be there to help him. "I think I have an attachment issue now to him. I can't even do this without him."
- Lizzie says Anthony is like the big brother and Sebastian is the little brother who lets the big brother just talk. Anthony is offended and Sebastian jokingly asks Lizzie out for coffee lmao.
- Paul on how Vision has evolved (Anthony: "He started off as a desktop"). His contract was up and he was expecting Kevin to tell him that was it, but he was told about WandaVision. He was concerned about how he would keep being Vision on the TV show and having to bring other personalities in to evolve Vision.
- Sebastian didn't know he would be coming back for Cap 2 until the title was announced at Comic Con via a friend who was there.

How has being in Marvel changed their lives over the last 10 years?
- Sebastian: "You're just trying to kinda still have a life without someone commenting on it ... If I move this paper from left to right, someone's gonna have something to say about it and I just think that's really funny" (FYI: this call happened around the time #ripSebastianStan was trending on twitter). The moderator says: "You just launched three blog posts about what that means."
- Lizzie says they all have a number sign above their heads when they're signing onto an indie movie that tells studios if they can sell those movies internationally to help get financing. So being in Marvel helps them.
- Tom remembers going to see Iron Man and thinking about amazing it was, and he couldn't even imagine being in a movie like that. It's been life changing because they mean to much to so many people; so it's a privilege.

- Tom was doing Betrayal in London when Endgame premiered so he wasn't in LA with the rest of the cast. Two friends took him to the midnight screening and he realised what an extraordinary event that film was by experiencing it with the audience.
- Paul jokes that it's not what the Marvel franchise can do for you, but what you can do for the Marvel franchise. WandaVision was one of the most creative and fun experiences in his whole career.
- Lizzie's wigs in WandaVision totally put her into character into the decade she had to be in, including voice exercises to get the right inflections for the time period. There was a tree that grew every episode depending on the decade, and in the penultimate episode, the tree was dead, and she said it was exciting to see it on the set for each episode.
- Anthony says that he was excited to be travelling for TFatWS but then the earthquake in Puerto Rico happened and then the pandemic. He says it was a punch in the gut every time something went wrong, but it was a big group effort with cast and crew to keep morale up at every location and through rewrites.
- He says swapping with WandaVision benefitted them because it prepared the audience for the new scope of what the Marvel universe would be. "We'll see about Loki!"
- They all argue over which show had the best crew of all time.
- Two-thirds of Loki was made after lockdown. 6 weeks of filming before the pandemic shut it down. 5 months later they came back.
- Sebastian asks Tom if there was any scope for improvisation on Loki. Tom says it's a mix of the two, and sometimes depending on the location and set-up of the shots.
- Sebastian says Anthony used to get too carried away with improv and he would have to remind him that Daniel Bruhl was also in the scene
- Tom says Owen Wilson brought lots of new stuff to the table too. Marvel/Kevin Fiege encourages new ideas to be tried

How many times did they speak to Kevin Fiege during the shoot?
- Tom spoke to him a few times over the pandemic/shutdown.
- Sebastian says Anthony was calling him every Friday night (Anthony says maybe it was once every two weeks).
- Lizzie says Paul texted him every other day. Paul jokes he was booking a trip to Greece and wanted to know how much he could spend.

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