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Flo from Progressive Commercials Gets Called Out For Being “Freaking Rude” By Food Truck Owner


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Say it isn’t so Flo.

LA Food truck owner, Chris Bautista (known as @bautistud on TikTok) went “viral” for “exposing” Stephanie Courtney (the actress known as Flo from the Progressive commercials) as “freaking rude.” Bautista stitched a TikTok of @rytoast10 asking, “Tell me about a time when a celebrity was rude to you.” Before mentioning the actress, Bautista says he has served many celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“But the one celebrity who was rude to me - barely even a celebrity - was Flo from Progressive,” he said. “Flo, the insurance person with the makeup and the red lipstick. She was freaking rude.” Wow Chris, that description was detailed and specific...but I digress.

According to him, Courtney walked up to his food truck with three assistants. One was holding an umbrella for her, another was holding her beverage and the third assistant spoke on her behalf.

The speaking assistant asked Bautista what was available on the menu and he directly replied to Courtney, who ignored him. While the assistant ordered for her, Bautista said he offered the actress different options for the order, and once again she ignored him. The assistant then asked Courtney the same question regarding her order and then relayed her answer back to Bautista.

“She refused to talk to me because I was service,” Bautista said. He ended his video by joking, “You know what if I was you, I’d switch to GEICO,” and flashed a peace sign.

Flo IRL when you try speaking to her:


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SCREAMING! I know this food truck owner IRL!
Any deets?
I texted him like GURL WHAT IS GOING ON, YOU'RE VIRAL. He hasn't written back yet.


1 week ago

I am heavily invested in the world of progressive. I love the stories and characters.
I don’t doubt the possibility that this could happen but I also don’t like this guy’s vibe, so Team No One
She doesn’t come great in this and I can believe she’d act like because I’ve heard of celebs like that. But I didn’t like his attitude either…him ignoring the assistant who’s just doing his job was pretty rude too. Dude comes off very entitled.

I’m not surprised she makes bank I’ve always successful commercial are lucrative which is why celebs do them.
lmfao i'm sorry... that's it? as someone who's worked in customer service for a really long time that would barely register on the rudeness scale for me. annoying, maybe. but "rude" enough to make a tik tok over, hardly.
I remember when I worked retail and food service and people would ignore me when I’d be polite and ask them how they were and for them to have a nice day? It’s like they didn’t want to say anything to you unless they had to

It’s definitely annoying and rude but I think when people go out of their way to make your day and job shitty it’s on a different level
Seriously, im used to serving couples where one does all the talking/ordering. I never find it rude because its not my business to know why the other person doesnt want to talk
exactly, that's totally normal. maybe she doesn't like talking or was having a bad day? dude clearly just wants tiktok clout lol.
If the assistant asked him why wouldn’t his response be to the assistant who was simply doing their job?

I get she came off rude but why was he making the situation worse and awkward for the assistant who was speaking to him?
So she wouldn’t talk to him? That’s it?
A lot of the comments on the tiktok are saying this is VERY unlike her. Like folks there have served her in the past etc. Is this just for clout?!
eh they could both be right. people aren't always in the same mood all the time. she could have had a bad day or something idk


June 10 2021, 19:06:22 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 19:06:41 UTC

Had to pause for a second to comprehend...Flo has 3 assistants? Whaaa? I hope they take care of the people who pay for their insurance at least a quarter as well as they do her.
I’m not surprised. I’ve never liked her but my ex had this irrational hatred lol. Dean Winters would never.
this man is not even moderately attractive

i clicked and expected someone hot
He identifies her bias is toward 'service people' but he doesn't know what her deal is exactly.

She's not barely a celebrity. She's unbelievably recognizable in the way that ruins your life a little, maybe a lot. There's also an expectation from her Flo character that she's always cheerful, warm and approachable.

You don't arm yourself with 3 assistants just to find ways to spend your acting money.
Never on the side of a dude who is trying to force a woman to act like he wants them to. But I also would have responded to his ass like "Sir, this woman is in front of me, please do not be rude to personal assistants just to talk to people you think are more famous" lmao.
This story is perfect. I hope this guy keeps telling it forever.
Not to defend rich people but I feel sad that celebrities (particularly female celebrities) are expected to be "on" and friendly (which is different than polite) to every person they meet.
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