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Frenemies Podcast Is Over... Again

After a recent on-air dispute over money, percentages and whether the crew of the podcast deserve to get paid as much as they do, Youtuber Trisha Paytas has announced they are stepping down from the Frenemies Podcast, their venture with Ethan Klein of h3h3 Productions.

Summary of the video:

  • Realized they don't regret what they said this time when they usually do and aren't sorry

  • Thought they were 50/50 building the show, but Ethan saw them as just talent and he was the showrunner

  • Says Ethan was talking over them when they tried to talk about LGBTQ+ hate crimes and never listened to their ideas, which include an aerial gymnastics episode, dancing with the stars and clay pottery.

  • Was especially triggered because Ethan hired a new employee for the podcast and immediately used her advice segment idea

  • Trisha earned 50/50 of all revenue from the main Frenemies episodes & merch by just showing up every week, but wanted part of the money from h3h3 memberships and highlights channel

  • Says their main issue is walking into something that Ethan already built & felt uncomfortable with the crew, who are the same crew as the other h3h3 podcasts. Didn't like their inside jokes, etc. Mentions that when they first guested on the main h3h3 podcast, the crew said whether they would fuck Trisha or not. Fails to mention that Trisha brought up the topic in the first place by saying that everyone they meet wants to fuck them.

  • Says if they knew they were walking into a third h3h3 show, they wouldn't have done it.

  • Says over and over again its not about money... but it seems like it is.

  • Says its best for them to step down but is sad because thinks its a really fun show and should continue with someone else

In a Youtube video posted after the incident, Paytas shared their side of the story and said in a comment beneath the video:
hey guys! I see a lot of your comments and you think I'm making a mistake, or being unreasonable - I hear you, and I'm not here to combat that. I'm leaving to ease the tension everywhere. I don't want to be the toxicity in their machine. and I can feel that I am. and it's not good for anyone involved. i'm sorry so many of you are disappointed in me. or that you only became a fan of me again through the show. but I cannot continue. If this makes me look selfish or a brat, so be it. I am grateful for the opportunity - but it just is not good for me mentally anymore. and it could be my own brain attacking me but for myself, right now, I just need to disengage completely. this is without a doubt, the hardest decision I've ever made. and it definitely was the most successful thing I've been a part of, so it's with a super heavy heart that I cannot continue. I'm so so sorry from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what else to say or how to convey what I'm going through right now without making things worse. and I'm clearly terrible at explaining my emotions and thoughts right now. again, I'm sorry to disappoint. and that's all I can say

Edit: Ethan Klein has released a Youtube video, giving his side of the story.

Additionally, Paytas has come under fire for sharing tweets between themselves and Klein with an anti-semitic joke about being "Jewy".


Trisha has also posted two more videos after their initial one, as well as tweets apologizing but the crew is apparently very mad and it seems unlikely the podcast will actually continue this time
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