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Babar Suhail

Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Nine years ago, the original Gossip Girl website shut down. But after a new generation of New York’s young elite takes control of private school Constance Billard, the notorious blogger remerges as the number one source into their scandalous lives


Tags: gossip girl (cw), reboot / remake / revival, television promo / stills, who asked for this


June 10 2021, 07:00:09 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 07:01:16 UTC

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This feels a little like they are trying to imitate Elite, but I guess Elite is kind of a murder mystery Gossip Girl. Also I hated it when the characters reference Gossip Girl in the original series and I hate it now. I feel like it's more fun when Gossip Girl is more of a narrator than a character.


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