Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Nine years ago, the original Gossip Girl website shut down. But after a new generation of New York’s young elite takes control of private school Constance Billard, the notorious blogger remerges as the number one source into their scandalous lives


Tags: gossip girl (cw), reboot / remake / revival, television promo / stills, who asked for this

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I don’t want actual teens in this role, but could they not find male actors without receding hairlines? Just trying to keep base with Ed Westwick?
looks like elite and it also didn't impress me so good luck!
The OG is always going to hold a special place in my heart as my dumb teen show (everyone has one) so I can barely look at this.

Maybe I'll watch the pilot for curiosity. Elité already has most of the stuff from this trailer plus a murder mystery so I'll probably stick with that.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, unless this show opens with a headline reading "Chuck Bass Dead", I don't want it.

It does low key look interesting though. I just won't watch until it's clear there's not another Chuck like character lurking about.
I'm so scared Leighton will agree to make a cameo as Blair with chuck. Ed has been accused of sexual assault too. Ugh
I get that - her career has stalled in a way that isn't cool. But she's also made it clear she hated the Chuck/Blair dynamic so hopefully that'll keep her away.
Am I going to watch it? Yes. Am I going to like it? No but I have established my trash taste in everything so why change now.
Such horrible outfits (I'm old). If there's something iconic about the original one, is the costumes.


June 10 2021, 17:44:28 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  June 10 2021, 17:45:05 UTC

I hate every character already. Is that intentionally? Seemingly „woke“ rich people are even worse than straight out assholes.

Also they look like college students not HS kids 😅
Fuck it, I'm in. It looks cheesy and pulpy and everything I love about trash television.

I couldn't make it through the trailer. It feels like it really thinks it's doing something, and I'm not here for that shit. At least the original knew what it was.
everyone looks... so old
this looks awful.

can't wait to watch!
i like Elite which made GG look like a Disney show so ill watch this
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