Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Babar Suhail

Gossip Girl | Official Trailer | HBO Max

Nine years ago, the original Gossip Girl website shut down. But after a new generation of New York’s young elite takes control of private school Constance Billard, the notorious blogger remerges as the number one source into their scandalous lives


Tags: gossip girl (cw), reboot / remake / revival, television promo / stills, who asked for this

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I'd actually watch this because I'm trash for shows like this.
Women are gorgeous, but acting looks like shit all around lol
Just here to say they should've been endgame...

This trailer definitely has more of the grounded / "My so-called life" tone that the original books have—so I'm happy about that. I've always hated the OTT "camp soap-opera" CW version of the series lol.

Definitely will check this out!
I'm actually good.
looks a lot like Elite. and it looks boring, too.
I only care about this because of the flawless usage of Super Rich Kids
I wouldnt watch this if you paid me. Being done by the idiots who messed up the other one, they will mess this one up too.
i can tell the acting is going to be terrible already
this looks like it’s going to take itself very seriously
Ill watch but this feels so try-hard.

The "coolness" of everyone is already cringe and are we to believe that Constance school would allow them to wear what looks like a shirt dress?
this looks so bad lol

but like, it could be bad in a funny way hmmmm
No, thanks. I already have Elite and the new season drops next week. Fuck Safran and his Chuck Bass apologist ass.
Wow so all the boys are kissing each other mmmk I’m into it! Also the cinematography is beautiful. Will watch for New York porn <3
All I have to say is justice for dair- but I may hate watch it!!

Are they gonna pretend dan was never gg like I do? Or is it someone new??
If I'm not mistaken kristen bell will still be the voice
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