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Fiction authors are changing lines in their books over social media backlash

Author Elin Hilderbrand has a book called "The Golden Girl" out this summer with a line about Anne Frank that will be scrubbed after receiving social media backlash.

According to Slate, in the book, two teens named Vivi and Savannah discuss plans for Vivi to hide out in the attic of Savannah’s house without Savannah’s parents’ knowledge. “You’re suggesting I hide here all summer?” Vivi asks. “Like … like Anne Frank?” The two friends laugh at this, but Vivi thinks to herself, “Is it really funny, and is Vivi so far off base?”

In another instance, the 2019 book "Red, White & Royal Blue" satirizes U.S. foreign policy and has a character who's the president of the U.S. The character says, “Well, my UN ambassador fucked up his one job and said something idiotic about Israel, and now I have to call Netanyahu and personally apologize.”

People online complained that this "normalizes the genocide & war crimes done by Israel that will always be backed up & unashamedly supported by America."

Slate wrote: "Complaining about other, more successful writers is one of the most popular activities on Twitter, as is devising elaborately exacting standards of correct speech and vigorously, if informally, prosecuting those who violate them. What’s unusual about these two examples is how rapidly both authors caved in the face of what appear to be very small posses of critics,"

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