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Welcome to The OC Bitches - 1x07 "The Escape" with Matt Ramsay

Some things to note:

  • Matt Ramsay (editor) guests on this episode and notes that these episodes were shot on film which is why its so grainy

  • They did not address the negative backlash from last weeks episode and Rachels rude remarks towards Mischa's experience on the show. ET even wrote about it!

  • Rachel clearly hates her character and doesn't know what "keto" is (also doesn't pronounce it properly which is like, how?)

  • Melinda changed rooms a couple episodes ago and ever since I've kept noticing the blown up photo hanging on the wall behind her. Finally got around to googling cast photoshoots and realized this is a cast photo from season 4. I just find it interesting that she hung up the only cast photo that Mischa wasn't in. It is a nice photo though in formal wear.

Discussion post! Though not I'm sure it deserves one. Podcast is v low quality imo. It'd be different if it was an actual rewatch like The Hills rewatch with Whitney and her husband, which is fun and light and behind-the-scenesy. This is just a verbal recap of the show with extended sometimes technical convos with guests that I often don't care about but somehow muster enough energy to create a post about.

Source - Podcast ep
Source - S4 Cast photo
Source - ET
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