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The Curious Rise of Twitter Power Broker Yashar Ali


LAMag did a deep dive into journalist/twitter personality/catfisher Yashar Ali (41)

it's long but pretty interesting

- he has very few press bylines, but did break legit new stories on his twitter

- he is very secretive about his family and about getting filmed, he claims his twitter profile pic was taken just before the pandemic

- he has a lot of famous friends, but also had ugly falling outs with some of them

- Ariadne Getty lent him $179k in total and sued him to pay it back, he dafulted after two payments

- he pressured Susie Tompkins Buell into selling her art collection and pocketed a nice commission

- Kathy Griffin let him live in her house for nine months (rent free ofc) and had troubles getting him out of the house after journalist Joan Walsh told her “Kathy, you got yourself a grifter. You have to get him out of here.”

- Ali says he can't talk about any of this bc of NDAs

- public records reveal more financial troubles. he does not have a fixed address, he lives with friends

- friends Maggie Haberman and Jake Tapper can't remember how they met him
Tags: internet celebrities, kathy griffin, viral

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