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Lady Gawain

Baby Lilybet isn't even a week-old and she's already putting in work...

On Sunday, Meghan and Harry announced the happy news that their new kid had been born and named, Lilibet Diana. Now, in a SANE world, this kind of news deserved to be greeted with a shrug and a 'whatever, good luck to the kid.'

Instead, the last few days have brought a flurry of nonsense that ... not even I anticipated to get this nuts. But maybe this old broad did...

But as of now at least two white women have been fired from their jobs for making racist comments about Lili, a couple of organisations are reviewing their relationships with certain outlets because of racist commentary, the "palace sources" i.e. pressed courtiers have started a veritable shitstorm via the BBC calling into question whether Harry and Meghan checked in with the Queen before naming their offspring (spoiler: they did), and the BBC likely to be sued for libel.

All over THE NAME of a baby girl who isn't even ONE WEEK OLD.

Anyway, here are some of the "highlights"... or should I call them lows:

1. Telegraph "journalist" (now former) Julie Burchill decided it would be a good idea to tweet the following:

The levels of WTF are too numerous to count. Family lawyer, Koch, who is also supposedly a mother of mixed race/Black/Brown children decided to chime in as well. The two decided to exchange a few kiis about it all, here's one, there were more:

Burchill was later fired from her job, her initial response:

She was later suspended from Twitter. Koch tweeted a fauxpology:

She has subsequently been suspended from her job as a family lawyer.

2. Then "journalist" Clemmie Moodie (... a name) decided to get a few digs in at the baby:

This Clemmie is apparently an ambassador for the Make a Wish Foundation, which has now issued a statement:

3. BBC unnamed "sources" claim that the Sussexes did not ask Lizzie for permission to use her nickname/notify her of this. Harry/Meghan sources had already said that they did. A shitstorm is currently ensuing:

If youre not disturbed by all this then... I don't know what to say to you. But it should be noted that ONTD was not above being just as weird about this baby-naming in the announcement pots, with many projecting all manner of nefarious reasons on Harry and Meghan for a twee kid's name. A trip. And we can't ignore that most of this furore is drummed up to distract from the REAL issues like Pedo Andy, the Tory government's corruption scandals etc. TIRED

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Tags: race / racism, royalty / royal family

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I wish nothing but the worst in life to all of them. Racists pigs
Imagine having such thoughts for a baby that has absolutely no impact on your life.
They didn't ask someone else permission for their child's name?!??!?

Mte you don't need permission to name your child something.
Also why are people still acting surprised when being allowed to live their own lives was the whole point of leaving?
This isn't a normal family. But I thought Meghan and Harry were out, so they shouldn't have to ask for permission or approval like the others? It was polite of them to do it anyway.
normally royals get names approved by the monarch—like elizabeth’s sister was supposed to be ann margaret but george v thought ann was ugly 🤭

but like. it’s 2021 and they aren’t official members of the family anymore so who the fuck cares. grown adults having a fit over something the queen was probably completely fine with.
that first tweet is just fucking disgusting. it’s just a name! it’s just a fucking name why does the press have to act like the sky is falling every time Meghan and Harry do something
Because they bring all the clicks. No one cares about the other ones.
julie burchills speaking voice is... something
Yeah, she's this vitriolic monster bitch in print, but when she talks she sounds like a tiny baby child. It's really strange.
I am speechless, these grown ass women are attacking a one week old child. That’s really pathetic
So much for "think of the children"

Fuck off racists.
Even if they didn’t ask, it’s not like she owns the name and she’s in her 90s anyway so.....


June 9 2021, 19:49:53 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  June 9 2021, 19:50:22 UTC

What a bunch of bitter racist assholes.

Lily living RENT FREE in their minds at only a week old? A QUEEN already!

But honestly, (white) people wonder why they left and it's shit like this especially
people are genuinely out of their goddamn minds
Wow and they wonder why meg and Harry fled.
Wow these people are rotten to the core. Miserable low-life racists.
has humanity always been this BATSHIT?
Oh, definitely. I still remember that one British comedian who tweeted a picture of two people holding a monkey when Archie was born and joked that it was the first picture of the new baby.

Then he went on a big apology tour saying he 100% didn't mean it in a racist way.

Like how???
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