Babar Suhail (babarsuhail) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
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Loki series premiere recap

The series premiere of Loki dropped on Disney+ today.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
Not much happened in the premiere really, it was basically a setup episode.
Following the event of Endgame, the Loki that escaped with the Tesserect is captured by the "hunters" of the organization known as the "Time Variance Authority".
At the TVA, Loki is accused being a "variant", someone who tires to change the "sacred timeline", and is sentenced to be "reset" (we don't really know what that means).
Meanwhile, Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) of the TVA is following a variant who has been hard to capture and has been killing the TVA's hunters.
As Loki is about to be "reset", Mobius requests the judge (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) that she let him take Loki so he can help them capture the dangerous variant who has been killing their hunters.
A reluctant Loki accompanies Mobius, who gives him a glimpse of his future including how Loki was (or will be) the one responsible for his mother's death. (soooo much talking...)
Loki tries to escape but fails.
He looks at the rest of his future including him finally bonding with Thor (clips from Ragnarok) and his death (by the hands of Thanos in Endgame). Loki stands broken and crying and finally stops trying to escape.
Mobius then proposes that Loki help them capture the variant. When Loki wonder why he should help them, Mobius tells him because the person they are trying to capture is Loki himself (presumably from another timeline)


this is a discussion post. Beware of spoilers!
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