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The View: Neil deGrasse Tyson, Denise Huskins, Aaron Quinn, Giada De Laurentiis, Hot Topics

Panel varies per day Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is guest host Friday

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Tuesday Obama on Cancel Culture

Obama talked to Anderson Cooper and talked about a lot of things, most of which was a lot more interesting than this topic. Panel focuses on his remarks regarding cancel culture. Panel says the same things they’ve always said. Ana has the best talking points.

Hot Topic Tuesday VP Harris Travels to Central America

VP Harris went to Guatemala, to work with local leaders on the root cause of border crossings. Plays clip. She also plans to travel to Honduras, Mexico, etc. She says the same thing Biden had been saying (Don’t come, Seek legal asylum) but people got mad like it was new. Ana talks about immigration from her perspective as an immigrant and what people are facing in real life. Thinks it’s a lot more complicated than a tweet and shouldn’t say the opposite, Please all come now. Sunny worried the phrasing was taken out of context, and could’ve had more finesse. Sara wants compassionate reform. Whoopi doesn’t like that undocumented workers in America who pay taxes still can’t apply for citizenship due to circumstance of entry.

Hot Topic Tuesday Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson forgot to turn off his cell phone, which rang and interrupted the beginning of his segment. He talks about space stuff, which normally I love, but not him. Meanwhile @NYT accidentally published an article that a field of watermelons was discovered on Mars (which was quickly deleted and thought to be a product testing accident, not a real event).

Hot Topic Tuesday Houseguest Bad Habits

Panel talks about pet peeves of bad houseguests. Sara says not removing shoes when entering house. Ana says she carries her dog, her paws are clean, she likes houseguests. Sunny talks about visiting Ana. Me-again likes houseguests and to talk a lot because she enjoys the sound of her entitled voice.


Hot Topic Monday Everybody is Sick of Sen Joe Manchin

Sen Joe Manchin (D-WV) is getting on everyone’s nerves but Dems wouldn’t have Senate control without him [and that ding dong Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)]. Blah di blah. Whoopi’s point is there is still a problem with voting rights.

Hot Topic Monday Tr/mp Wore Elastic Waist Pants with Depends at Speech

Tr/mp wore elastic waist pants with Depends at speech. Putting aside his physical appearance and age related decline, he also rambled incoherently because Mr Vain won’t wear glasses, so he can’t see to read the teleprompter and is too stupid to improvise on his own. Joy is funny. Snopes reviewed 90 mins of footage and declared T45 didn’t wear his pants backwards.

Hot Topic Monday Welcome New Royal Lilibet Diana

Meghan had her second child, a baby girl, and named her Lilibet Diana after Harry’s grandmother and mother. Sara was named after her dad’s mom and thinks it’s beautiful. Joy tells her name story. Whoopi says there are only 2 other Whoopi’s (which isn’t her real name anyway). They’re both taking a few months parental leave. Sunny tells her name story.

Hot Topic Monday True Crime Gone Girl Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn

Denise Huskins & Aaron Quinn were victims of a home invasion and attacked, while Denise was CW [Spoiler (click to open)]kidnapped, drugged and r/ped twice. They were accused of being suspects instead of being taken seriously as victims. They’re promoting their book Victim F: From Crime Victims to Suspects to Survivors. They talk about their ordeal. Their names were cleared only when the assailants struck again, attacking another family in a different community. The law enforcement from the other attack tracked down the assailant and found proof of the original attack on Denise & Aaron. They eventually got an apology from a new police chief to their community, who wasn’t in place when their crime occurred. Naturally they don’t care about the apology, after being smeared. Later they married, and now have a baby girl. One guy was arrested, but they believe there was at least one other person involved, who remains free.


Hot Topic Friday Fauci Fake Scandal Distraction

As a result of FOIA (Freedom of Information Act), loads of Fauci emails were released. It was a nothingburger. But the GQP are trying to make something out of nothing to distract from *waves hands at everything*. Ana has her Friday rant. Sara read and read and also found nothing. He’s like all of us buried in emails trying to clear inbox after midnight. He was as nice and professional in emails as he is in public. Me-again forgot to take her hairpins out of her nighttime hair set. Has the audacity to suggest Fauci liked and cultivated the celebrity aspect. She still pushes bio-weapon lab leak angle. Rachel says FOIA is supposed to increase transparency but GQP made it a witch hunt, says it distracts from vetoing Insurrection investigation.

Hot Topic Friday Pence 2024 Please Don’t Hang Me Campaign

This wet noodle ding dong is going to agree-to-disagree with T45 about the Insurrection where T45 himself called Pence a pu$$y and the cult chanted Hang Mike Pence while breaking into the Capital. But Mr Fly won’t break with T45. Pfft. Whatever. Ana says all these things. Makes fun of T45 who had to shut his blog due to only 15K interactions a day (plus legal ramifications for continuing to lie about fraud election).

Hot Topic Friday RHONY Fight Eboni vs Luann

Real Housewife of NY Eboni K. Williams Slams Luann de Lesseps. Rachel talks about Angry Black Woman stereotype. Ana takes down Me-again white privilege while Me-again didn’t even realize Ana was talking about her. Loool. End scene.

Hot Topic Friday Dating Dealbreakers

Women listed dating dealbreakers on a Reddit thread. Panel shares their dealbreakers. Ana says a dating site. Tells eHarmony story. Joy says if you want to get rid of an annoying guy, then you start talking about feminist issues.

Hot Topic Friday Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis is promoting her cookbook Eat Better, Feel Better. She talks about (her personal story) how health issues were the driver for her to eat differently and feel better. Spoiler alert, she had chronic sinus infections.

Ontd what is your favorite summer fruit

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