Mary-Kate and Ashley Battle of the Bands comes to an end!

Last month they opened for noise-rock gurus Lightning Bolt. This month they are one of Mary Kate and Ashley's favorite bands. Go figure.

BAD FLIRT has been named the WINNER of the twins' online Battle of the Bands

It may seem strange that a band with indie-cred would be competing in an online contest for tweens, but Bad Flirt is embracing the opportunity by leaking a new track from their forthcoming record on the Olsen's site.

The boy-girl Montreal indie pop band is currently in studio with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You!Black Emperor) recording their new album, which promises to be an ode to a certain 90's family sitcom and will feature various high profile guest vocalists.

For all the Mary-Kate and Ashley fans, expect to see BAD FLIRT guest dj-ing their own Soundtrack Love as well as their own column featured on the site of "Bad Flirt hot picks" about all of their favorite things!

Congratulations Bad Flirt!