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The Midsommar May Queen

Kate Winslet Wants to Do a Second Season of Mare of Easttown

While hit HBO series Mare of Easttown was written as a limited series, Kate Winslet isn't shy about wanting more. When asked about possibly doing a second season, Kate Winslet told TV Line:

“I would absolutely love to play Mare again. I miss her. I really do. It’s the strangest thing. I feel like I’m in mourning. It was an absolutely wonderful role...There’s something very addictive about Mare, because she’s so outrageous and lovable and brilliant and real, you know? I loved playing her.”

Kate is not alone, with show creator Brad Ingelsby also down. "If [Kate Winslet and I] could crack a story that we were really proud of and felt like it was a deserving second chapter in Mare’s journey, then maybe."

Just yesterday, Variety announced that the finale of Mare of Easttown was the most-watched episode of any HBO Original Series on HBO Max.

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