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Reylo fans attempt to get black writer fired from Teen Vogue

Background information:
-Stitch is a black writer that has written extensively about fandom racism.
-During the hey days of the Star Wars sequels fandom, she wrote frequently about the harassment and racism directed at John Boyega from Reylo fans, including from beloved blue checkmarks like Jenny Nicholson.
-She also wrote critically about the treatment of Boyega's character, Finn, by Disney
-Stitch recently had the opportunity to interview Kelly Marie Tran for Teen Vogue. They spoke candidly about racism and bullying within fandom. Interview is shared below (featuring a note added by Teen Vogue after the harassment commenced):

-As soon as the interview was shared, a bunch of people with pictures of Adam Driver as their avatar proceeded to flood Teen Vogue demanding Stitch to be fired for being an "anti" and accused her of being a bully.
-Thankfully, Teen Vogue was having none of it!
-Stitch has been excellent at documenting the harassment and lies of this group of individuals set on ruining her reputation:

-More documentation on Stitch's part of Reylo fans flooding Teen Vogue with unfounded accusations against them:

-Thankfully, Teen Vogue stood by Stitch and stated: "@stitchmediamix
’s work to continually unpack the good and bad sides of fandom culture is incredibly important to us and readers."

-Thankfully pt.2, a bunch of blue checkmark fandom writers came out in support of Stitch and to laugh at the receipts being shown as proof of their "bullying" - such as this

Source: stitchmediamix, 2
Tags: fandom / stan culture, race / racism, star wars

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