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'Welcome to The OC, Bitches' podcast messily responds to Mischa Barton's bullying claims

See what Mischa said about her OC experience in this ONTD post.

At the end of this week's episode, Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke mentioned E!'s recent interview with Mischa Barton. They said they were addressing it so that Mischa can come on the podcast and share her story.

Other notes:

-Melinda says you're exhausted and overwhelmed at ages 16-18 and it's heartbreaking to know that Mischa had a bad experience. She also says some comments were "perplexing" to her and she didn't know how to respond.

-Rachel says her and Melinda were NOT added as cast regulars after the first season. To clarify: FOX execs made them be guest stars until episode 11, which everyone knew as of episode 1.

-Melinda then points out the early 2000s were a tough time if you were Paris/Nicole/Mischa and that it could be damaging.

-Rachel was confused by the claims and did not witness any bullying. Neither did Melinda. Then Rachel says, "Mischa got to make out with Ben McKenzie and meet Rooney!" as if that made it all better.

-Melinda asks how does one process other offers when execs are telling you, "You can't do that because you have this show to do." (Is that her interpretation of the bullying?)

Source + my listening and note-taking skills
Tags: 2000s, mischa barton, podcasts, pr training needed, what is the truth

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