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Alleged plot details for Shang Chi and No Way Home leak

Take this with a grain of salt, but the plot details for Shang Chi and Spider Man No Way Home have leaked over on 4chan

[Shang Chi spoilers]>Shang-Chi is the son of the Mandarin, but refuses to follow in on his father’s footsteps and flees to the United States.
>10 years later, Shang-Chi and his friend Katy work at a hotel in San Francisco. Razorfist and his men attack them in a bus, but they manage to escape.
>Shang-Chi and Katy visit Katy’s cousin Jon-Jon, a small time gangster who can hook them up new identities.
>Shang-Chi has to participate in a cage match to pay for Jon-Jon’s help, and ends up fighting his sister Xialing.
>Katy realizes that Jon-Jon sold Shang-Chi out and saves him. They steal a car and flee to a construction site, where Shang-Chi fights his master Death Dealer.
>Razorfist captures Katy to force Shang-Chi to give up, and Xialing takes them to the Ten Rings’ lair where Shang-Chi reunites with the Mandarin.
>The Mandarin is preparing an attack on the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, a hidden city in the mountains, now that their magical barrier is weakened in order to reclaim a great power and conquer the world.
>The Mandarin believes it is his duty to rule the world and genuinely cares about Shang-Chi and wants him by his side, but Shang-Chi refuses.
>Xialing is disappointed their father doesn’t want her by his side and helps Shang-Chi and Katy to escape.
>Shang-Chi, Katy and Xialing go to the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon to warn them. They meet its protector Jiang Nan and her daughter Jiang Li, who bonds with Shang-Chi.
>Shang-Chi trains with Jiang Li to unlock his chi, Katy befriends the locals and adopts a magical creature that she names “Norris”, and Xialing learns the true history of the Mandarin.
>The Mandarin arrived in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon as a young man and trained there, but stole the ten rings and escaped to build his criminal empire.
>Jiang Li leads Shang-Chi to the Great Protector, the dragon who holds the great power that the Mandarin is after.
>The Great Protector claims Shang-Chi is destined to protect the world, but Shang-Chi just wants a normal life.
>Xialing is secretly still loyal to the Mandarin and reluctantly disables the magical barrier, allowing the Mandarin and his forces to attack.
>The Mandarin subjugates the locals and uses the ten rings to control the Great Protector in order to use him as a weapon. Jiang Nan stands against him, forcing the Mandarin to kill her.
>The Mandarin orders the locals to submit to him or die. Xialing pleads for their lives, but the Mandarin refuses to spare them. Xialing realizes he isn’t a noble warrior and chooses to die with the locals.
>Shang-Chi escapes during the attack, accepts his destiny, unlocks his chi and returns to face his father, saving the locals.
>There is a huge battle between the Mandarin’s army and the warriors of the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon and the magical creatures that live in the mountains.
>Razorfirst fights Jiang Li and almost kills her until Katy intervenes and takes him down. Meanwhile, Xialing fights and kills Death Dealer.
>Shang-Chi battles the Mandarin. They both use their powers at first, but then Shang-Chi challenges him to an honorable fight, which he wins.
>Shang-Chi reclaims the ten rings and frees the Great Protector, who repels the remains of the Mandarin’s army. He then returns the ten rings to Jiang Li.
>Katy chooses to stay in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, while Xialing leaves to search for redemption.
>The Mandarin accepts defeat and expresses pride in Shang-Chi, who in turns expresses respect towards his father even if his ideals are wrong.
>The Mandarin is imprisoned in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, while Shang-Chi returns to the world to destroy what is left of the Ten Rings organization.

[Spider Man NWH spoilers]>Peter is on the run after the identity reveal in FFH, Ned and MJ are with him since they're "accomplices" to his "crimes"
>Doctor Strange, at Happy's request, finds them in a homeless shelter undercover where he brings them back to the Sanctum and tells them to lay low while he figures out a way to fix everything
>In the Sanctum. Peter comes across a sort of bigger-on-the-inside prison where Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman (Raimiverse) and the Lizard and Electro (TASMverse) are being held
>Dafoe manages to trick Peter into thinking that their universe's Spider-Men were corrupted and killed them, and Peter needs to free them so they can save their planets
>Peter frees them, and they escape into the city
>Strange shows up and tears Peter a new one, explains that he had been holding them in this prison due to instability in the multiverse connected to each dimension's Oscorp experimenting with inter-dimensional travel and says Peter has a responsibility to stop them
>Dafoe leads the villains to the MCU Oscorp building to steal prototype inter-dimensional technology. Peter tries to stop them, but he gets his ass kicked and thrown aside. Strange rescues him and says they'll need more help
>Strange and Peter travel into the Raimiverse and TASMverse, and we see how the Peters are living after the conclusion of their series. Tobey is married to MJ and they have a daughter, Andrew is a college professor.
>Through their connection to their 'home universes,' the villains sense that their Spider-Men are likely on their way. They use the Oscorp device to open a one-way portal into the TASMverse, with the TASM Rhino barging through. The Sinister Six are Goblin, Ock, Sandman, the Lizard, Electro, and the Rhino.
>Dafoe Osborn realizes the way to open two-way portals, and thus get back to their own universes, is to power the Osborn device with a Stark power core. Dafoe gets it, the other S6 distract the Spider-Men
>The Sinister Six (minus Osborn) and Spider-Men fight at the Statue of Liberty, which Dafoe Osborn plans on using to open portals back to their worlds and to trap the Spider-Men here. Tobey is beaten way harder than the younger Spideys and ends up dying after the battle
>Goblin finally shows up with the device and Ned. The device is activated, but they manage to stop him and protect Ned in a 2v1 fight with him, but he manages to 'miss' them with a pumpkin bomb and kill Ned
>Tom Spider-Man nearly kills Goblin, but Andrew stops him from becoming a villain like them
>The Sinister Six get locked back up in Strange's prison, Tom and Andrew attend Tobey's funeral in the Raimiverse, and seemingly part ways
>Tom turns himself and is successfully defended from murder charges by Matt Murdock, but his secret identity isn't resolved
>Tom shows up to Ned's grave and talks about how he feels responsible for his death, when Andrew shows back up and gives him the 'responsibility' talk. Tom realizes Ned (like Uncle Ben, Tony, and Tobey Peter) would want him to still be a hero
>Final swing is both Tom and Andrew in the streets of MCU New York

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