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‘They had soul’: Anton Corbijn on 40 years shooting Depeche Mode

The Dutch photographer and director, Anton Corbijn, is reflecting on 40 years working with Depeche Mode.

Although he has worked with them for such a long time, he says he didn't like them at first, preferring "more guitar-oriented stuff". Eventually he agreed to work with them and made one of his signature black-and-white videos, A Question of Time, though he says that it was more of an excuse to visit the US. When he realised how much their music and ambition had evolved from the early 80s, and how well his visuals went with their sound, he decided to continue working with them.

“I felt people associated synthesiser music with being technical and emotionally distant,” [...] “and I felt they had soul. I think I had an approach that’s more in that direction, and that made the difference," he says.

His book, Depeche Mode by Anton Corbijn, is out now.

You can read the rest of the article at the Source.

What's your favourite Anton-directed video for Depeche Mode, ONTD?
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