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Stan as a Common NOUN Appears in New York Times Crossword Puzzle

Some guy named Michael Lieberman had his NYTcrossword puzzle debut today. Notably, Mondays are the easiest puzzle of the week, but this was a fun one.

The clue for 62 across was "obsessive fan, in slang" (4 letters). Any ONTDer would know the answer is stan. I don't know if it was intentional, but the answer was crossed with "sobs," something a stan does when they see their fave live.

Another fun clue was 7 down: "Cher holder?" Geriatric millennials will know the answer (if you had one). Probably regular millennials too.

Jorts is also an answer in today's puzzle. ONTD, are you ready for jorts season?

Idk if this needed to be a post but let's talk crosswords, ONTDers with too much time on our hands.

Edit: Feel free to use this as a bank holiday FFA if there is no round up, I guess!

Also, this is not the debut of "stan" as a common noun in the NYT crossword. That happened last year in May. The zoomer cruciverbalist Paolo Pasco made that puzzle!

Other source is the NYT crossword app idk how to directly link to the puzzle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I think you get a free 7 day trial if you download the app and you can try it yourself
Tags: cher, computer / video games

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