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Olivia Rodrigo Shares a Few SOUR BTS Stories on the Zach Sang Show

Olivia Rodrigo recently did an interview on the Zach Sang Show talking about her debut album SOUR and shared some cute behind the scene stories.

- sour was originally supposed to be an ep but she insisted making it an album instead
- considers herself quality over quantity kind of person
- shares that song writing is therapy for her, make her feel empowered
- plans to only write music for herself right now
- describes herself as a very in-the-present songwriter
- her producer dan nigro helped craft her more grungy tracks who was in a emo rock band growing up
- finds inspiration from all genres of music

some track facts
- jealousy, jealousy written about her experience with social media being very fake
- brutal was the last song and written two weeks before the album deadline
- hope ur ok makes her really sad in a great way and feel very emotional
- enough for you is one of her favorite songs and written entirely by herself
- 1 step forward, 3 steps back was inspired by a text message she received from a friend that she thought would be a cool way to describe a toxic, sort of manipulative, relationship

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