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Jennifer says Pitt was one of her fave Friends guests, ONTD investigates her *love* for Lara Croft

So the cast of Friends has been Zoom promoting their reunion and the girls were asked by Access Hollywood who their favorite Friends guests were, Lisa Kudrow basically names everyone that has guested on the show while Monica and Rachel stay thinking about who?. Once you get to the 3:40 minute mark of the video they start naming the lovelies Sean Penn and Charlie Sheen as really funny/fun guests and then Aniston says Pitt was one of her favorite guests, now this must be fun for the fans that want the 2 to get back together and it's also fun for me since it gives an excuse to make this post about ONTD's favorite Friend.

So, it all started with an sneaky fan that started checking all the accounts Jennifer follows on her popular Instagram, most of them are either fellow celebrities or hairstylists, etc. BUT there's one suspect account called: Obviousbutamazing2

The person who runs the account loves posting their random thoughts about celebs, that's ok, i guess Rachel enjoys gossip just like us, except that the account is also a Jenn/Brad shipper and seems to really hate Angelina?

Here are some receipts:

Calls Angelina a man stealer cuz apparently men have no will of their own?

Thinks Trash Pitt was the one left traumatized after all the abuse he went through at the hands of Angelina

Besides calling her Michael Jackson (because she is only friends with kids according to this person?), make fun of her weight and just being annoyed at anything she does (while in the process posting about it) Calls her here a "Mia Farrow", oh yes, that person thinks Mia is guilty and Woody never abused Dylan.

Why would someone want to follow such troubled account? Well, i mean, Jennifer has had dinner with Woody and Soon Yi back in the day so maybe she thinks the same way?

Interesting scoop by People mag, i don't know how much Woody appears in that mag but we do know Aniston does show up quite frequently. Maybe they were talking about working together, going to his iMDB he released "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" in 2010 and Naomi Watts is the same age as Jennifer so she could have been considered for the role? Who knows.

But going back to the insta page, one could say this is a random follow, one of the 495 accounts she follows and probably never pays attention to it, well, that's wrong because she liked a recent post from May 9

So the question i ask you ONTD is, Why do you think Aniston is following this random/sexist account? Is this her 'dark' sense of humour?

Also, do you think she blames Angelina only for Brad dumping her?

And last but not least:

Who do you think runs this account? A random? Sandra Bullock? Courtney Cox? Herself?? or BRAD PITT????

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWd1pjBlIoE
Source: https://www.instagram.com/obviousbutamazing2/
Tags: angelina jolie, brad pitt, jennifer aniston

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