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Lil Nas X Expands On Meaning of "Sun Goes Down"

⚫ The title of the song itself, he explains, comes from the fact that these dark thoughts would often appear at nighttime, whereas they were easier to avoid during the day.

⚫ Wanted to make a song that showed the balance of light and dark as he found that both are necessary for growth.

⚫ As a teen, depressive thoughts would sometimes manifest in wanting to disappear completely. "It's kind of like, give me a way out, and I'll be one with the universe."

⚫ He cites the last year as a big one for his own personal growth, including using his platform for others struggling as well, knowing that there may be similar people who look up to him.

⚫ Lil Nas X states he had gay thoughts, even at quite a young age, and that he used to look at it as a test from God.

⚫ Mentions the Miki Minach stan account and she found out. They briefly tweeted back and forth at each other on Twatter but he hasn't talked to her since then.

⚫ The "leap of faith" refers to his confidence in making music and everything surrounding that world, including the decision to come out.

I didn't know how to put a bulleted list in while making this post so I just used the black circle emoji 🤡


Are you also impatient for his album, ONTD?
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