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Help Me, I'm Poor! It's Time for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix 🇲🇨 🏆🏎💶

Official Alfa Romeo Monaco Poster

Hello, fellow brokies! After being cancelled in 2020, the Monaco GP is back on the 2021 calendar. Beloveds this post is pretty content heavy so bear with me. Today we continue with Round 5 of 23 in the Formula 1 2021 season and today we touch down in the most prestigious race circuit in the most prestigious motorsport - the Principality of Monaco, home of Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Also quite a few drivers have places there, so it's likely some of them just fucking walked to work this weekend. Yes, yes, yes, Monaco is very *O'Jays voice* Money, money, money... money! But besides Silverstone, Monaco is incredibly historic and can be lead to some exciting races and the vibes. Let's take a look back at some of Monaco's exciting moments. (Also this needs to be a night race, maybe Singapore could deliver for us this year)

Let's take a look at some iconic moments from Monaco
Read more about the history of the Monaco Grand Prix here

Excuse me, did this Twitch streamer really just copy my prize idea? It's Tracing Point all over again.

What's been happening in Free Practice and Qualifying?
- Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Ferrari) had a some strong practice times, so it's not farfetched he may take pole in his hometown.
- Mick Schumacher (Haas) missed out on qualifying because due to a large mechanical failure in which the team had to change the gearbox, however due to the 107% rule, he might still be able to compete in the race if the stewards use his other qualifying times in previous races and if Haas can get the car repaired on time.
- Bottas (Mercedes) like always has some strong qualifying times
- also... can we talk about the McLaren Monaco Livery (yes, I'm crying, you're crying and it's a fucking one off) fucking stunning.

- Also I wished, Mercedes used this livery (maybe they can for Roscoe's birthday?)

- yes people Monaco can be quite boring and welp, yes, I agree (because for the driver's precision is absolutely key and making a mistake in such a narrow, demanding track - basically you just want someone to get shady to get some excitement) in the more recent seasons however, there are a few corners that allow for overtakes
- Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) was knocked out of Q2 with P12, when just 3 years ago, he took pole position and the victory with Red Bull Racing
- Nico Rosberg walked downstairs to come give his commentary on Sir Lewis who wasn't having the best Q1 or Q2... damn or Q3 for that matter and ended up Q7
- In Q3 with just 18 seconds to go, Leclerc with the fastest lap crashed into the barrier but still takes pole position which brought out the red flags, so the session was not going to be restarted, hindering Verstappen from probably out-qualifying Leclerc.

If there's significant damage to the car and the gearbox needs to be changed, Leclerc will have to take a five-place grid penalty. Is it giving me Nico Rosberg in 2014 Monaco teas which gives me Michael Schumacher in 2006 Monaco teas? A lil' bit (and by a little bit, I mean a lotta bit).

Chiiiiiiiiile, these Formula 1 men are Top Tier MESSY and I am here for it! It's giving us The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills seasons that we deserved. But in all honestly, given Leclerc's driving record, it probably was him genuinely losing control of the car but I want to believe 👽

Our Monte Carlo Qualifying Results
PROVISIONAL POLE: Scuderia Ferrari's Charles Leclerc 🇲🇨

2nd: Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen 🇳🇱
3rd: Mercedes-AMG Petronas's Valtteri Bottas 🇫🇮

Yes... that is not a mistake, Sir Lewis Hamilton is seventh.

A lil' recap from The Moving Bricks

1st Place: Sir Lewis Hamilton 🇬🇧 who has his best ever start in his entire F1 career! *Fernando Alonso voice* Amazing!

2nd Place: Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen 🇳🇱

3rd Place: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Valtteri Bottas 🇫🇮

Are you ready for the rise of petty Valtteri?
OP sure fucking is...

Straight from the Finnish horse's mouth, he told us he wanted to hold up Lewis's career milestones as much as he could.

Here are our standings after round four!

2021 Driver's Championship

2021 Constructor's Championship

Romain Grosjean is having a superb 2021

After his accident in Bahrain during the F1 2020 season, Grosjean is still dipping his toes into the world of motorsport. The Frenchman recently test drove the W12, the 2020 Mercedes-AMG Petronas winning car. He will drive the car as a proper Formula 1 send off in the upcoming French GP

He's also racing in Indy Car with Dale Coyne Racing and recently taking pole position at the Indianapolis GP and achieving his first F1 podium, taking P2! Go Romain!

Turkey will not be holding the Grand Prix this year, so that race has been replaced by a double header in Austria

In its place Austria will hold two F1 races, both at the Red Bull Ring with two names - go figure. One is called the Styrian GP and the other is the Austrian GP. The Styrian was thought to be a one-off event from last year, but will continue in 2021.

Lando Norris extends his contract with McLaren and our hearts! Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah boooooooooooooooooooooy

Let's just hope he doesn't have to do this. Yes, this is real, honey.

Formula 2 has been sprint racing!
The league just below F1, Formula 2 has begun introducing sprint racing and completed it in Monaco just a couple of days ago

And 17 year old Sauber Academy driver Theo Pourchaire brought home victory, making him the youngest winner in Formula 2 History!

Happy Birthday, Rubens Barrichello

The former Scuderia Ferrari and Brawn GP driver turns 49 today! He's living it up in retirement currently in Monte Carlo and watching his son race in F2.

1st: Max Verstappen who now leads the WDC
2nd: Carlos Sainz his first Ferrari podium
3rd: Lando Norris


This is the Monaco GP, but y'all ain't bout to win a damn Ferrari or a yacht.

For the Spanish GP, our winners were: woohyun and treenotree. Congratulations!

We are entering Round 2 of Trivia to win some prizes. There will be three prizes: the user who answers the most questions correctly will get first place, then followed by second and third. Winners will be contacted by yours truly and the shipping for all prizes will be covered by moi.

You'll have until May 23rd 11:59 PM EST to submit their answers - only one submission per user to submit their answers via PM.

1st PLACE: $50 Amazon Gift Card (currency equivalent will be sent to winners outside the US)

2nd PLACE: 2020 Formula One: The Champions coffee table book. See more details here

3rd PLACE: a 2020 model of Charles Leclerc SF1000, a very glamorous lawnmower for our 2021 Monaco pole sitter

LOSER: has to say one nice thing about Bernie Ecclestone

Shipping will be covered by yours truly, however if you take 2nd or 3rd place and just want a gift card/money equivalent, then that can be arranged but OP's gift curation taste should be admired - thank you.

1. There's a Formula 1 driver who had to take six pit stops (yes, six) during his race. Who was that driver, his team, and what was the year?

2. The other 7 time World Driver's Champion The Michael won five of his titles with Ferrari, which team or teams are his other championships with?

3. In what year and circuit did Sebastian Vettel bring home Scuderia Toro Rosso's only Formula 1 victory?

4. Our favorite PR ready smug team principal Christian Horner once had two dogs named after former Formula 1 big wigs, who were his dogs named after?

5. Before stealing our hearts as the current (and best!) Team Principal, McLaren Andreas Seidl was the team principal of what championship winning motorsport team?

6. The Very, Very American McLaren F1 CEO Zak Brown appeared on a popular game show in his youth, what was that show?

7. Who said these now infamous words after a GP victory: "Not bad for a numbah two droiva?" (Hint: it is not Valtteri Bottas.)

8. Chaos is intrinsic in Formula 1, but in 2008 Lewis Hamilton won his first World Driver's Championship, but who was the driver (and his team) that prematurely celebrated the title that year?

9. The most recent seasons of Formula 1 have seen some of the youngest ages on the grid in the sport's history (with old biddies Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso driving up that number). But who is the oldest Formula 1 driver to ever enter a Grand Prix?

10. Who is the Formula 1 driver with the most Grand Prix podiums BUT no World Driver's Championship?

11. Sebastian Vettel holds 4 World Driver's Championships. Who is the driver that holds the same amount?

12. If you're new to Formula 1, the Williams team seemed tethered to the back marker, but how many Constructor's Championships have they won in their storied tenure in the sport?

13. Old Man Räikkönen is Ferrari's last World Driver's Champion. What team and year did he re-join Formula 1 after Ferrari being replaced with Fernando Alonso?

Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

OP handed in her notice at work, so she's on her Sebastian Vettel's last year at Ferrari shit 😁, but she doesn't make $40M per year 😔
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