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Associated Newspapers pays damages for revealing Sand Van Roy as Luc Besson accuser

Associated Newspapers has paid substantial damages and apologised to actor Sand Van Roy for revealing her identity as a complainant in a rape case against the French film director Luc Besson.

In 2018 Van Roy expected to remain anonymous after she filed her complaint, but details of her complaint were leaked and reported in the French press, breaching her right to anonymity.

Associated Newspapers accepted that the publication of Van Roy’s identity as a complainant in a rape case caused her great distress and has agreed to pay legal costs as well as damages, in addition to offering an unreserved apology, also posted on its website.

Since the publicity around the allegations, Sand said her acting career was seriously damaged, and after losing work she eventually decided to stop acting. She is currently in her second year of a law degree.

She wanted to draw attention to women’s right not to be named after going to the police to report claims of abuse.

Tags: film director, french celebrities, legal / lawsuit, sexual misconduct

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