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ONTD Original: EISLEY. Where are the smelly dirty empowered women* now?

One infamous ONTD post of olde is the lost to time "Eisley are smelly dirty bitches", which only featured pictures of the girls of the band Eisley in bikinis from a found private photobucket but shit hit the fan when the post got linked on the band's official forum and the girl's mom made an account, joined ONTD and started commenting.


So where are the smelly dirty empowered women* now? Let's find out, shall we? In order of least to most problematic...

*I didn't want to get yelled at for calling them bitches even in jest as a throwback to the old post. Are they empowered women? You be the judge!


Stacy Dupree now Stacy King left her sisters band Eisley and is now making music as Sucre, which is a lot darker and more mature. She married Darren King of Mute Math and the two have two daughters and live in Nashville, making them the only members of Eisley who left their hometown of Tyler, Texas.

Stacy is open on her Instagram about struggling with anxiety and depression. She's also open about being the only Eisley sister who has left the church, which was shocking to me since the Dupree family was known for two things: Homeschooling and religion. I'm glad she got away and is working towards happiness! 


Chauntelle Dupree now Chauntelle D'Agnosto you might remember for being engaged to the lead singer of Taking Back Sunday, who left her when it was found out he knocked up a local waitress in Tyler. Like the music of Eisley or not, you must admit that they were involved in some of the best emo and pop punk scandals of the 2000's! She is now married to a luthier and lives a fairly low key life with her husband, their daughter, and her daughter from a previous relationship.

She too has left Eisley and was making solo music for a little while, but be warned that it is ultra religious so if that's your thing, check out the ep she released under Rising Fawn. However, earlier this year, it was kind of messy that she posted a Go Fund Me asking for money for her mom's hospital bills and only a few weeks later, posted pictures of her and her daughters in Disney World - During a pandemic! After asking for money from fans? Couldn't be me. (Hopefully momma Kim is still an ONTD member and this post will come up on her google alerts! Comment for old times sake, Kim!)

A pandemic Disney trip is not even nearly as problematic as the daily life of Sherri Dupree, now Sherri Bemis, and the only sister remaining in Eisley, though they haven't recorded music since 2017. She shares four kids with Max Bemis of Say Anything and is pregnant with a fifth.


You might remember her very messy break up from first husband, major loser Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, who cheated on her with a reportedly then underage Hayley Williams while on Warped Tour. Good news is that last year, Hayley called Sherri and the two buried the hatchet and are now on good terms!

The bad news is that Sherri is a MESS. She teaches a class on Academy Workshop on "non traditional families" which raised eyebrows and prompted some of her followers to ask what was so non traditional about her as she is a straight white woman married to a white man with a ton of kids they conceived naturally. It seems as though the non traditional things about her life are letting her kids stay up regularly until 4 am, bathing them once a week at most, bleaching their hair at as young as three, and letting them drink coffee starting at age two. Her version of homeschooling seems to be just letting them play with toys in the yard and have Max teach them the names of the Beatles for "music class". Reportedly, the kids are already in an "indie band", following in Eisley's "homeschooled child band" footsteps.

Sherri and Max have done multiple Kickstarters, the most recent of which raised $122,311 and was for a home studio, but once they raised the money, they promptly sold the house they were living in and now, three years (and like two and a half babies) later, rewards still haven't been given to their backers. They promised four eps/albums of their duo project, Perma, would be available free digitally for backers to listen to but only one album of their project was put on Spotify which meant backers needed a premium account to listen to the project in order and without ads. Some people who did receive art that they paid $50 for, received art scribbled on by Sherri's kids instead of pieces by Sherri which they had paid for. Many people received nothing. It's pretty regular to see people in Sherri's instagram commenting they are filing a claim with their bank for fraud. However, Sherri is notorious for deleting negative comments on her grid, presumably to help her get the massive amount of sponsored content she and her family live off of when they aren't living off their fans.

Despite Sherri and Max making an update on Kickstarter for people still waiting on rewards to contact them, they still ended up ghosting their fans on hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Other rewards on their Kickstarter included having Sherri and Max play your wedding and having their children as flower girls (no one claimed this, despite the price being just $10,000), owning Sherri's wedding dress from her first wedding (someone did buy this for $450), a monthly art subscription box for $250 (no word on whether or not this has arrived to the 8 people who were so bold as to believe Sherri would make it to the post office once a month) and a sticker set for $10 that has been much complained about by patrons for having never been made.

Reportedly, the scamming this couple does goes back before their kickstarter, as Max allegedly would do a Song Shop where he would charge a few hundred dollars to write an original song for fans, only  some fans allegedly did not ever receive their songs. According to his insta, he just opened the Song Shop up again! Check it out - At your own alleged risk!!

This isn't even all of it but I realize this is already a lot! In between sponsored content from everything from car insurance to subscription boxes, Sherri is regularly tmi on her insta and in the comments about her and Max's love life 🤢

I'll be watching all their pages to see if any of them get the vaccine tbh! It will probably surprise no one to know that at least one of these women has been openly anti-vaxx on their page in the past.

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