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Debra Messing shares a bunch of disinformation about the genocide happening in Palestine

American born actress Debra Messing tries to explain why Israel is in the right to murder, displace, and terrorize Palestinians.
-She mentions that Palestinians being displaced is a consequence of a war that Israel didn't start.
-In another thread she shares infographics that state Israel has the right to the land because Muslims have an "Arab Empire" (OP has no clue what Arab empire the infographic Messing shared is talking about. OP also wants to add that there are non-Muslims and non-Jews who live in the region so this isn't a Jews vs Muslims situation).
-Calls out Hamas for being a terrorist organization, but makes no mention about how the IDF uses Palestinians as human shields, commits various war crimes like using white phosphorous on civilians, shoots unarmed protestors and bombs residential homes, buildings that house media, hospitals, libraries, and schools.

Thread where she shares a bunch of disinformation:

Camila Cabelo and Courtney Cox liked Messing's post on Instagram.

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Tags: camila cabello, courteney cox, debra messing / will and grace (nbc), politics

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