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Kendall Jenner Receives More Accusations of Cultural Appropriation for 818 Tequila Ad Campaign


Kendall Jenner is once again facing accusations of cultural appropriation over her tequila brand after releasing a new campaign to celebrate the launch of 818 Tequila.

Jenner shared photos of herself in Mexico in an agave field via Instagram, where she can be seen dressed in jeans, braids, and an oversized shirt with a cowboy hat behind her back as she rides a horse. ~Migrant chic!

A separate video shared to 818 Tequila’s official Instagram page sees Jenner driving a truck through the agave fields of Jalisco, Mexico, posing on a large pile of agave plants and walking among the plants.

[Here is that video #ad]

People are accusing Kendall of cultural appropriation and that she is being disrespectful to native workers by wearing the outfit as a costume for a photoshoot to promote her brand among other examples.

Jenner has already disabled the comments on Instagram.

BacklashCollapse )

Before you come into this post and leave your “hot take” like in the last post, how about you educate yourself by reading this thread first. Gracias. 😘

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