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Salma Hayek Covers Variety; Nearly Died from Covid

  • Salma suffered a near fatal case of COVID-19 last year, which she chose to keep quiet. Her doctor begged her to go to the hospital as she isolated for seven weeks and was put on oxygen in a room at home, she responded, "No, thank you. I’d rather die at home." She still hasn’t fully regained the energy she once had. House of Gucci was her first job back, which she took because it wasn't a lot of work.

  • She says when she first came to Los Angeles, studios wouldn't see her for comedies or action roles. Studios tried to stick her into the "sexy Mexican" stereotype.

  • Ryan Reynolds on Salma: “Salma is a writer. She comes to set with a writer’s mind and outlook. She’s constantly improving, rewriting and reminding us all what the scene is actually about. She comes to play and build.”

  • Her production company Ventanarosa signed a two-year first-look deal with HBO Max last June and has 15 projects in development.

  • Salma hopes within the next year to direct a yet-to-be-announced film based on a script she wrote 17 years ago. “It’s a very personal project, and this is the right time...I don’t give up. I’ll get it made.”

  • On her career and life, and getting more opportunities now in her 50s than in her 20s: "I’m in a great place now, but I have experienced suffering. I choose not to talk about it because I like to stay positive. When people see me, and not just girls, minorities or even short people — anybody — I want them to think even if things don’t look like they can happen, anything can happen. But I don’t want it to be based on you have to suffer a lot and then eventually it’s going to happen. I want it to be based on why not?"

  • It took her a long time to speak out about Harvey Weinstein because she didn't want to be seen as a victim. She went into a deep depression for months after seeing how many victims there actually were. Her husband and friends were upset she had kept her experience a secret for so long. Afterwards, a lot of people wrote to her from the industry and said, “This happened to me.”

  • She's focusing her life on being happy and making people laugh.

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