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ONTD Reviews "The Pursuit of Love"

Darlingsss, as we wait for Jenjamin to rise, let's talk about the show that gave us another enjoyable escandalo- lily goes west- "The Pursuit of Love"

Why should i watch this?
-this Ssnake watched it and enjoyed it, it's got the snake thumbs up! I know you missed my lazy tv posts!

Miss thing is surprisingly good. Her performance is vibrant and fun. She fully embodies the character's personality.

-Dominic West
He's a weirdo in a castle. Idk how much acting went on there.

-The soundtrack
Incredibly enjoyable 8.5/10

And of course:
-Andrew Scott
Nothing else to add. Just him being amazingly good at his job. Scene stealer.

Snake vote: 7.5/10
I've seen better, i've liked worse.

ONTD have you watched this mini series yet? Did the lily goes west scandal made it weird to watch it? Do you still hate couples who share an electric scooter?

Let's talk!

Source: https://twitter.com/guardian/status/1391285549034577921?s=19
Tags: british celebrities, lily james, television - bbc, television - british

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