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Fantastic Beasts actor, Kevin Guthrie, is jailed for 3 years for sexually assaulting an actress

Scottish actor Kevin Guthrie, who appeared in Fantastic Beasts, Dunkirk and the tv-series The Terror, has been jailed for * only * 3 years for sexually assaulting a vulnerable actress when she was unwell after a night out.

He sexually assaulted a 29-year-old woman inside the flat of his friend, actor Scott Reid, in Glasgow on September 30, 2017.

He was found guilty of sexual assault at Glasgow Sheriff Court and jailed for 3 years. Also will appear as a sex offender register for an indefinite period.

He denied saying that he was only helping her because she wasn't felling good (she believed her drink was spiked),

[TW]but his DNA was found inside her underwear. The court heard how the woman was due to meet Guthrie and Reid at a bar in Glasgow on the night of the attack.

But Reid later received a phone call from a taxi driver asking him to collect her because she felt unwell. Afterwards, Reid and Guthrie then helped the woman into his flat and put her on a bed, then he leaves the room, leaving her with Guthrie in the room 'to make sure she was OK'.

[TW]The woman says the bedsheets were 'moved down my body' after Reid left the room. She 'I remember my top being lifted up and my bra being held down.'
[TW]The woman alleged she was groped by Guthrie before he performed a sex act on her. She added: 'There would be times when Scott would come back in the room and he would pull the covers back on top of me and pull my top down".
[TW]Guthrie then carried out a further two sexual acts on her and kissed her. He would stop when Reid would come into the room. But she said she was unable to say anything when Reid enters the room, saying: "I couldn't... I found it difficult to communicate in any way. I think I was frozen as well.'


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