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Flavor Flav Wants to Make a Reality Show for Melinda Gates to Find Love


Flavor Flav has a great idea for Melinda Gates's second chapter: become a reality TV thottie! He would love to produce a reality show for her to star on in which she can hunt for single sugar babies.

"Hey, we should do a TV show on Melinda Gates. The Melinda of Love. I'll produce it. I'll be the one to set up Melinda."

He says that "the only man she needs is the only kind of man that Melinda needs is just the next one she finds."

However, he would not date her because he is "too good" for her:

"Me and Melinda Gates? Why? She wanna give me half of her money? I ain't gonna lie, but I'm a little too good for Melinda Gates. I'm way too good for Melinda Gates."

melinda gates ontd.jpeg
A photo illustration of what Melinda Gates might look like on her own VH1 show

He believes that Kim Kardashian also deserves much better than Bill Gates:

"She's not made for [Bill Gates]. Kim deserves a lot better, man. Come on man, that's Kim Kardashian homes! Are you kidding?"

His poetic words on Jennifer Lopez:

"Not only is she single, she puts out the best singles." (very true, flav!)

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