I live, I die, I live again (sandstorm) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
I live, I die, I live again

Long Awaited (?) JUNGLE CRUISE Movie Getting D+ / Theatrical Release on July 30th

This news comes before Disney's quarterly earnings call at 4:30 PM EST today, and the deciison spanwed from theaters overseas still closed, including major markets. JUNGLE CRUISE stars Dwayne "He made a 4 minute video about this on IG" Johnson and Emily "Not Sue Storm" Blunt, among others.

This is just the latest 'not a Marvel movie' to get a dual release, after CRUELLA. IIRC, LUCA is skipping theaters entirely, but I do not care enough to look it up.


Something else that's been delayed for months is coming out July 30th....what was it again?

Tags: disney, dwayne johnson / the rock, emily blunt

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