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The View: Jake Tapper, Stacey Abrams, Bebe Rexha, Rochelle Walensky, Emmanuel Acho, Hot Topics

Panel varies by day with Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, Sara, Ana, and Meghan

More behind the cut

Hot Topic Wednesday Liz Cheney Out, Matt Gaetz Still In

GQP stripped Liz Cheney of her Republican leadership position [only a voice vote on purpose, which doesn’t record named votes] because she voted to impeach TRE45ON and keeps calling out The Big Lie, while having done nothing about Matt Gaetz or any other immoral or insurrectionist or criminal behavior members. All but one Republican walked out during her speech last night, stay childish GQP. None of the panel (Me-again doesn’t count) supports Cheney political positions but call out the utter collapse (or emboldenment) of the entire corrupt party, in fealty to T45 and his normalized nationwide authoritarian white supremacist grift. Me-again, with normal hair but wearing the couch fabric from a Netflix avant garde limited series, is ridiculous as usual.

Hot Topic Wednesday Jake Tapper

Jake Tapper is promoting his book The Devil May Dance and somehow manages to not salivate over ThE MiLiTaRy the whole segment. Compares the T45 clown show to reporting during Biden admin. Talks about Israeli-Palestinian conflict. More talk about Liz Cheney. Talk about the bonkers AZ election audit where they think Asia shipped in bamboo-infused fake ballots [yes, that’s a real conspiracy]. Thoughts on a third party, with a 100 Republican ~normies saying they want their own party. More talk about The Big Lie and not having lying GQP guests on his show anymore. Promotes his new book, tells the narrative, and how he wrote it during the pandemic.


Hot Topic Tuesday Don’t Stop Covid Precautions Before We Cross the Finish Line

Get your vaxx, still wear your mask when required, and especially if you still feel more comfortable. We don’t spike the football on the 5 yard line, people. We’re not quite there yet, even though vaxx people can relax around other vaxx people.

Hot Topic Tuesday Ben There Done That

Againnifer. Sunny is here for it. Sara is totally shipping them. Shares her fanfiction. Joy doesn’t see this lasting, their track record isn’t that great.

Hot Topic Tuesday Instagram for Kids is the WORST Idea

Zuckerberg does not know how to read the room, wants to create and market IG for kids starting age 13. Attorneys General from 44 states say Hell to the No. Kids who want on social media already figured it out, absolutely horrible idea to purposely market, then poorly monitor and gate-keep, a program to profit off this vulnerable demographic.

Hot Topic Tuesday Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams talks Jim Crow v2.0 laws, nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, Liz Cheney ouster and collapse-identity crisis of GQP, talks current economic status, promotes her new fiction thriller While Justice Sleeps. Go to stopjimcrow2.


Hot Topic Monday Job Market Woes

Joy and Meghan are off today, Ana fills in

April jobs report was below predictions despite good progress on vaccinations, schools reopening, and many job openings. People, particularly women, and or those in service-oriented roles, aren’t returning to their job in the after-times because there is still anxiety over covid implications.

Hot Topic Monday Because Men

Men working from home during pandemic are happier, while many women have suffered to varying degrees trying to keep up with job (or lost job), look after kids, homeschool, and still be primary homemaker. Because men. The panel talks about this Captain Obvious phenomenon.

Hot Topic Monday Vaxx Approved for Kids

Vaxx is approved for kids from age 12. About half the parents will vaxx their kids, while 32% of parents say they will wait a bit, and 19% are anti vaxx loons. Sunny says talk to your kids’ doctor and let the kids also obtain the info they feel is important to them. Sara feels it’s an individual decision, her kids aren’t old enough for the approved version yet. Ana talks about Ron DeathSantis. Basically, parents and kids over age 12 should talk about it together with doctor and particularly those in highly populated areas and around lots of people regularly should get vaxx.

Hot Topic Monday Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha talks about her mom, her parents are immigrants, raised in NY but dad is from Albania, promotes her new album Better Mistakes, covers her mental health struggles, diagnosed bipolar and that it’s ok if you don't feel good, that the music industry can be toxic. She records -while she’s being interviewed- for her insta story and forgets the questions. She’s cute lol.

Hot Topic Monday Men Need to Accept Their Age

18 yr old woman was live streaming on Tik Tok, approached by older guy (off camera, age unknown) while she was recording. She thought he wanted to take the open chair to another area, and said You can take that. He thought she meant he could sit down with her, like an invitation. Panel is grossed out.


Hot Topic Friday The Big Lie Continues

Whoopi and Meghan are off today, Ana fills in

These T45 supporting ding dongs are not cowards who fear him, they’re willingly complicit white supremacist authoritarians who will grift as long as they can, while destroying democracy while they’re at it.

Hot Topic Friday Foxitis

Insurrectionists who are under criminal indictment are claiming Foxitis as an excuse, saying they’ve been brainwashed. While partially true, too bad, so sad.

Hot Topic Friday Mom’s Wish For Mother’s Day

The biggest wish from most moms on Mother’s Day is leave me alone, give me a break. Panel talks about their Mother’s Day plans and what their kids have planned.

Hot Topic Friday Dr Rochelle Walensky

Dr Rochelle Walensky who is Director of CDC talks about having faith in vaccine approval process, restoring faith in CDC after the shambolic management under Former Guy, pending approval (a few days later) of vaxx for children over age 12, their plans to reach people who are vaxx hesitant.


Hot Topic Thursday Liberals Allegedly Can’t Quit Covid Protocols

An article in The Atlantic claims liberals can’t quit covid protocols. The panel talks about the variations of being vaxxed, being outside alone, being inside-outside around other vaxx people, being inside-outside around non vaxx people, especially the loons who refuse to get vaxx. If we’re supposed to trust the science, then trust the CDC when they say people are allowed to relax guidelines. Personal decision to remain cautious isn’t the same as policy for public safety. Also, Me-again bashes Fauci and has stupid hair. Plays clip where T45 called in to Faux News and recommended everyone get vaxx.

Hot Topic Thursday No BLM Clothing at Olympics

The Olympic Committee confirmed rules for the summer games which included forbidding athletes from wearing BLM clothing, because it violates their ban on political, religious or racial propaganda. The panel talks about political statements by athletes in the past. If they can express their freedom by not taking the vaxx, why can’t there be expression towards racial injustice. Joy doesn’t even feel it’s a ~political statement, it’s merely an acknowledgment. Meghan thinks the committee is garbage but her point is lost because she rants like a child on speed.

Hot Topic Thursday Woll Smoth Dad Bod

Will Smith posted a photo of his dad bod pandemic weight gain, then teamed up with youtube to help get himself back in shape. People had fun, laughed, then got mad. Let him live! He said he was partnering with youtube, it’s not like he lied or hid it, it’s IN THE POST.

Hot Topic Thursday Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho, former NFL player and currently with Fox Sports, is promoting his new book Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Boy which is the follow up to his earlier book Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. Talks about Chauvin verdict, raising kids to see color and culture and give it the value it deserves, talks about The Bachelor and the Rachel-Matt fallout, revisits Olympics banning BLM clothing.

Ontd do you like dad bods?

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