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Feels Good! Much Slower than Before! It's Time for the Spanish Formula 1 Gran Premio! 🇪🇸


What happened at Portimão?

And that's what you missed on Glee...

Have you read Sir Lewis Hamilton's new book? It's called How to Ruin Christian Horner's Week and Live Rent Free in His Head: A Memoir by Sir Lewis Hamilton for Lewis Hamilton with a Foreword by Toto Wolff.

Last week we were in Portugal where Max Verstappen (P2) could not wait to yeet out of the Autodromo. Sir Lewis Hamilton (14 year F1 vet) said he's got some tricks up his sleeve, delivering yet another victory with possible a (well, almost)* flawless drive, taking (P1). Pole sitter (maybe Nico Rosberg adjacent) Valterri Bottas took P3 and Sergio Perez taking P4. In Portugal, our winners were yet another HAM-BOT-VER, making them the most all time common podium trio in Formula 1.


Tokens? Chiiiiiile, this ain't Chuck E Cheese
You may keep hearing commentary about "focusing on 2022/new regulations/what Fernando will be complaining about". There's a lot of technical engineering, loose FiA speak, but essentially it boils down to - making a more fair level playing field amongst all the teams because in the words of Sir Lewis Hamilton "[a certain driver's/ team's domination]* can become boring for the fans". These regulations were supposed to occur this season, but have mostly been pushed back to 2022. But like we had to when we were little, we need to spend our arcade tokens wisely.

If you're looking for something a little more substantive to understand more about this sport, you can listen to the Formula 1 podcast Beyond the Grid, you can get some stories from present and past drivers. OP recommends the episodes with Willy T. Ribbs (the first Black man to test a Formula 1 car, he's overdue for his flowers), two-time WDC Mika Häkkinen, 2009 WDC (and Actual Fine White Man ™️) Jenson Button, Mercedes-AMG Petronas "The Brackley Boys", and The Best Team Principal - our darling Andreas Siedl

What the hell is a race engineer? Who are those men that ASMR the way to victory? Here's a brief guide from two teams telling us.

(OP wanted to do a more in depth one with all 20 race engineers for our drivers, but she was tired, so here are Cliff Notes. It's coming though)

And welp for a bit of wholesomeness, here's the final lap Team Radio between Haas driver Mick Schumacher and his race engineer Gary Gannon. Gannon was also Kevin Magnussen's race engineer at Haas. Sometimes, race engineers follow their drivers even when they switch teams, so I hope these two keep their collaboration. 🥰

Hamilton and Verstappen were closer now Fernando/ Every hour every minute seemed to last eternally
If we only had Drive to Survive during his peak, Netflix wouldn't have to be so messy post production.

He fucking knew.

But no denying the man's a brilliant fucking racer - that dude and his phenomenal eyebrows have been given some shitboxes in Formula 1. He's also competed and won in IndyCar, Le Mans.

Charles and P4, a bond that seems to not wanna break

- so much goddamn traffic, but it couldn't hold back Our Darling Lando (McLaren) who set the fastest lap in Q1
- Max Verstappen looked like the next driver to hold up Sir Lewis's 100th pole sitting position
- Kimi Räikkönen (Alfa Romeo) was knocked out of Q1, his worst qualifying session in 2003 like Charles and Carlos were probably sticking Crayolas up their nostrils
- Yuki Tsunoda (Alpha Tauri aka Red Bull's sister team) was very disappointed to be knocked out of Q1 as his teammate Pierre Gasly was 5th in Q1
- Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren) made Q3 after a disappointing qualifying result at the Portuguese GP last week
- Lewis had to slow down due to Sergio Perez's spin in the gravel at turn 13 (resulting in yellow flags, you have to slow down or maybe gravel in his own tires) and welp! he still set fastest lap lol
- is the Red Bull Racing second seat cursed? Yes.
- the era of Esteban Oconsistency continues! The Frenchman qualifies P5!


How is that lineup looking this morning?

Here's some bits about our Spanish circuit
- This year's official name: Aramco Gran Premio de España de Fernando Alonso
- last year's podium: HAM-BOT-VER. Will it happen again? In the great words of Murray Walker, "Anything can happen in a Grand Prix, and it usually-" ya know what, *OP deep sighs* I can't finish this, it might happen again
- circuit is held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
- 66 laps, 308 km (see I, an American, used the metric system! I am demanding that you all be proud right now, damn it!)
- circuit was built in 1991 and has gone through many modifications

1st PLACE:

2nd PLACE: Red Bull Racing's Max Verstappen
3rd PLACE: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Wingman Valtteri Bottas

Fastest Lap: Max Verstappen (I think)

It's a little trivia contest! OP said she would introduce this in Monaco, but figured let's have a little one now. To commemorate Mother's Day (yes, don't tell me that Spain's La Did de la Madre was May 2), here a challenge,


Here are some tiny F1 drivers in their karting days. Can you list who they are? (A bit of a challenge, two of these drivers are not on this season's grid.)

CONTEST RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Please do not post your answer in the comments. Unlike Michael Masi, I want a clean competition! You can send me you answers via PM.

2. So as to not interrupt your race viewing entertainment, you have until May 9th 11:59 PM EST to submit your answers. The winners will be contacted via message by me and announced during our Monaco GP on (May 23rd). Answers will also be revealed during the Monaco GP post.

3. Only one submission per member will count. I will take the first one, if you send a second, it will be ignored.

4. The first two submissions that guess ALL the mini drivers correctly will receive the prize.

5. The prizes? Two $25 gift cards to CMC Motorsports where you can grab some F1 or other motorsport apparel. Check out their site here. The gift cards will be sent electronically.

6. Our next trivia contest will commence at the Monaco Grand Prix - the challenge will be much more challenging than this cute one.

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