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Caroline Calloway Gives an ...um... Interesting Interview


Influencer/scammer Caroline Calloway is the subject of a new longform profile. And, gworl, it is something.

The "trauma" of having her ghostwriter come forward:

Two years ago an essay by Caroline’s ex-best friend and ex-ghost writer went viral... “I think being publicly shamed like that is a trauma,” she says.

The plight of white women:

“I think hating and verbally abusing white women online is the last guilt-free bias our culture has left, like whether it’s me, or Jennifer Aniston, or fucking, I don’t know fill in any white actress, model…”

But don't worry about her:

As the world shut down, she started making money from selling topless photos on the platform ‘Only-Fans’.

Art history led her to start an OnlyFans:

She tells me that her Art History degree was her “gateway drug”. “Every single day I came into class there were bare-ass female titties and I was like this is something normal to see! And I only do topless photos. I feel really confident about it because I know that since the dawn of Art History topless female nudes have been a staple of human creativity.”

A staple of human creativity!

She is butthurt that Cambridge U no longer follows her:

On the day she started [her OnlyFans], Cambridge’s Instagram account unfollowed her. It hurt. “Do you know what I’d like to ask? Why are they anti-sex work?… I’m never above calling out Cambridge for their bullshit.”


“Something America has that Britain doesn’t is a tradition of white male memoirists. Ernest Hemingway wrote A Moveable Feast, Nabokov…with Speak Memory, George Orwell wrote Down and Out in Paris and London. All these famous American men left this long legacy for American women to pick up and hoist on their backs that I don’t think exists in England."

FYI, only one of these writers is American.

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